View Full Version : August 23, 2014 - Kyosho Stock

2013.12.15, 09:27 AM
This will be held at Hobby Works, Fairfax, VA

we will be running HFAY # in order to get practice for HFAY S18 race 5 and 6 in September.

https://www.howfastareyou.com/hfayprod/static/uploads/tracks.printablepicture.b95605b11ea4c756.484641592 d747261636b2d31335f7072696e74696e672e6a7067.jpg

2014.08.04, 09:48 PM
just a reminder to test, clean and tune up your stock and short wheelbase cars. i got some tuning time in on my R8 and took out a lot of the wheel hop so should be running smoother.

please remember, short wheelbase will include 86 and 90mm, driver choice.

2014.08.20, 07:20 PM
reminder... this weekend :) don't forget byebye just posted (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39880) news of an event the following weekend as well.

2014.08.24, 10:06 AM
what can i say other than, another highly enjoyable day at the track!

michael returned from his track suspension and had a good day running his new red murc. it drives very different from the yellow 599 he had previously but he likes the red murc so that what it will be.

my blistein r8 was less bouncy than the previous race thanks to some tuning time at remnant and more practice with smoother cornering. i couldn't bump up from B main this time but still very happy with the results.

A main was great to watch as well! Saint made an exemplary showing saturday.

86-90 was the usual great fun! such a diverse class with some not so usual suspects such as the lotus exige, porsche 906, ferrari f40, mini cooper, trueno 86. i didn't have my car and kris was kind enough to let me pilot his 32T F40 which was a real joy to drive. the setup fits my style and was able to slide it around just where i wanted it. A main was a tight race and everyone was tracking behind the other, lots of pressure, lots of fun.

missed some of the usual drivers john and bill. some of the recent joins CJ, andy didn't make it either but Mike joined the group and made a good showing.

i think all are excited in making brushless a competitive class as well. i'm sure we will pull that together nicely.

2014.08.24, 02:23 PM
Race video (http://youtu.be/K4R1pteUG4I)