View Full Version : May 10, 2014 - HFAY S17 Race 9-10

2013.12.15, 10:25 AM
This will be held at Hobby Works in Fairfax, Virginia

we will be running HFAY # .

http://www.howfastareyou.com/hfayprod/static/uploads/tracks.printablepicture.b6951a0ab5e41e88.484641592 d547261636b2d31365f7072696e74696e672e6a7067.jpg

2014.05.09, 06:58 PM

Checking in to make sure the race scheduled for tomorrow is still on :)

2014.05.09, 07:37 PM
still on.

i will be there to setup the computer and zround but i have to leave after that. i have house repairs to make for mothers day to get done saturday.

looks like kris has passed me in the rankings by a couple points as well. i'll have to ramp it up for season 18. :p still haven't even run my rebuilt HFAY car yet.

2014.05.10, 09:11 PM
sorry i missed a good day of racing. i hope all had a good time.

just a reminder, everyone that wants a t-shirt needs to email me so i can email them the artwork to send to whomever they choose to have the shirt printed. if you want name and number on the back, be sure to tell me what you want.

see everyone in 2 weeks for stock and 86/90 mix racing.

2014.05.11, 11:39 AM
thanks for the video Nick! i like the montage of track angles.

2014.05.12, 01:33 PM
Glad you liked it! I forgot to post following my upload of the video. I also uploaded stills on the Google+ site. Sorry you couldn't stay for the race, it was a great time as usual. You missed Kris working some Fet magic which resulted in him being able to repair Andy's damaged board. I could swear I witnessed him using some pins and a doll bearing the likeness of a MR-03 board while conducting his repairs. I'm convinced some type of voodoo is involved because those things are way to small to work on. This was my best outing yet, all being relative of course. Using my Helios and chassis that Dwight built for me really made a difference in feel and drive-ability for me. BTW, thanks John once again for allowing me to use your soldering rig! It also was great seeing Damone who I know from the slot car scene.