View Full Version : November 08, 2014 - HFAY S18 Race 9-10

2013.12.15, 10:28 AM
This will be held at Hobby Works in Fairfax, Virginia

we will be running HFAY # .


2014.11.06, 05:48 PM
Is this thing on? Saw this thread near the edge of the first page, so I decided to rescue it from the abyss of page two. I am hopefully going to make it out with an array of new option parts. It will be an adventure for sure! :eek:


2014.11.06, 05:57 PM
oh it's on! i've got a reputation as 'mr. excitement' to uphold :p i've been working a lot of overtime the last couple weeks and haven't given this the full attention it deserves. :o

see you guys saturday!

2014.11.09, 08:58 AM
Happy Birthday to Ray! Sorry I had to leave early and miss Ray attempting the first ever Washington DC Mini Z Racers Man Vs. Food Challenge, eating all of that candy in less than one hour! I'm sure Mr. Excitement was able to win, of course.

Thanks to Al for his assistance tuning my life-changing double A-arm front suspension. Looking forward to the next one...


2014.11.09, 02:10 PM
Thanks. the party was a surprise and certainly thankful to all for participating. it was fun to see brandon pick up a transmitter for the first time in ages, didn't do so bad either. maybe he will join michael for stock class?!

it was great to see al and eric!

sorry we missed some of the regulars, you guys missed a unique day with a table full of food and another with a candy bar:eek:

attached results are of the end of day free for all ;) the rest will be posted with HFAY results at the end of the month.

2014.11.09, 06:58 PM
had a great day of racing. happy birthday again Ray AKA MR excitement. hopefully i get to attend more races to come. I've learned a lot from all y'all. BTW this is Michael K. this is my name for all my forums I'm on.

Mike Keely
2014.11.10, 07:39 PM
Sorry I missed your party Ray. Happy birthday! It sounds like everyone had a great time.