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2013.12.16, 03:21 AM
1.12 Build 19

Not using Championship, but just presses "Start/Finish Race".
Saving it to a file, can that file be uploaded and watched like the championship files?

So that we can see the results?

I have never tested it before, just asking so I know what to expect.

2013.12.16, 03:32 AM
btw, I'm looking at your wiki, but can't find a "wishlist" or any list that says something about what you plan to integrate into it.

Just asking since I use a different Robitronic transponder for different class I drive, and it would be awesome to have 1 record with me, with all my transponders with some tag to which class I was driving.
Need to see the different times on display, but not in the drivers database.

transponder 1234567 - GT Mod
transponder 7654321 - Stock
transponder 1237654 - F1
transponder 3214567 - LeMans

If you see the point

2013.12.24, 10:53 AM
This would be a great improvement! My vote goes for this.