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2013.12.20, 08:41 AM
Thought it would be interesting to see what is trending in setups for specific classes these days given the normal swing back and forth with various manufacturers and or technologies.

2013.12.21, 12:30 AM
At Majs Hobby shop we all run the pn dbl a-arm with pn v4 pod with mostly r8 bodies.

2013.12.21, 04:07 AM
Over here it's mostly LeviTeZer and double A front ends.

Rear ends are mostly a mix and match from all the manufacturers.

2013.12.21, 06:11 AM
Rear ends are mostly a mix and match from all the manufacturers.

Isn't it also mostly DPS in stock and tri-damper in GT Mod?

2013.12.21, 10:54 AM
dps for everything in NJ

2013.12.21, 05:51 PM
Arch...we run mostly 70T on our HFAY sized track. I think most are running Aarm. Im running Aarm and been messing with the Levitezer front also. Mostly normal DPS. I have some with tri-shock to.

Mike Keely
2013.12.22, 08:23 AM
The guys that are running the double A arm front ends, are you running the +1 lower arms?

2013.12.22, 09:37 AM
Double a arm and tri shock on all my cars regardless of class.

2013.12.22, 06:53 PM
I'm running the a-arm, standard lowers, Damper with dual shock, and the reconfigurable mount.

2013.12.22, 08:10 PM
Running the standard lower arm on aarm

unearthed name
2013.12.23, 01:32 AM
PN doubler a arm and PN motor pod with either reflex or PN TDS here in indonesia.

bodies are either R8, 458 GT2, or HSV.

2013.12.23, 10:54 AM
Many of the local racers run the standard front end setup and DPS rear. Curious to try the LeviTeZer setup that Rune mentioned. :D

2013.12.25, 06:44 PM
A wide variety of stuff. :D