View Full Version : KO Propo EX-10 Eurus / Helios Antenna Shields - 3D Printed

2014.01.04, 12:50 AM
Hi Everyone, I designed a fun accessory for the KO Propo EX-10 Eurus / Helios - an Antenna Shield that protects your module's antenna from fall damage, or in-bag compression. I really enjoy mine, and thought some of you might like one as well - so I put it on Shapeways for order!

Here's version 4: It covers the antenna, but allows it to rotate to any position it normally can move to. Shapeways Link (http://www.shapeways.com/model/1152594/ko-propo-rc-radio-antenna-shield-ver4.html?li=more-from-shop&materialId=76)

Here's version 3: It is very robust, but you need to be ok with your antenna locked near horizontal. Shapeways Link (http://www.shapeways.com/model/1126650/ko-propo-rc-radio-antenna-shield-ver3.html?li=more-from-shop&materialId=76)

Thoughts? Anyone interested in this or something similar?

It would be really easy to make custom versions of this with initials, or simple designs on them - so, start thinking up ideas!

Thanks so much, and have a wonderful day!

2014.01.04, 10:13 AM
Great thinking! Best of luck on future products.