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2014.01.07, 02:37 AM
Ok, this one I'm gonna order ASAP! I went through so many versions of my first F1 mount that I began to see no end in sight. I just took the best basics I had and put them all to work for this one here. It is a screw type mount that will pick up all of the typical stock mounting points. No fancy suspension parts, just the basics.

The motor will mount from underneath and it is a screw type so in this version you will have to have the diff out to adjust the motor position. You can wittle or snip down an allen wrench too to get at it to tighten it. I currently have a modded alloy mount on one of my F1s where I had to do this. I've set the position once and haven't touched it since so it's not a big deal to me. I have added extra mounting holes to the top section in case someone wants to experiment with lengths and types of top shocks. Also, because this is all designed with DIY in mind, it is possible to grind down areas to get disc dampeners mounted as well.

I have not tested this as of yet but you will all be the first to know when it gets my stamp of approval! I set myself up everytime I do this to tick someone off who may order it before I get to my review and approvals but hey... you all know the risks involved because I explain them everytime! (remember the name of the shop!) Ordering now is for the brave and trusting only, and maybe you'll have amazing skills with grinding and cutting too. The only thing that worries me is fitment of the bearings diameter-wise, I've never tried it before and it's something I'm real curious about myself! The bearings will stick out a hair from the mount, I did this for clearance reasons only and my past history with some types of mounts. I am really eager to see how this thing will work out, how much flex if any... how fitment goes too. But the thing I'm really happy about is the price point!... reminds me of the old days of Mini-Z!

The wing perch may look flimsy but if you can give it a spin in the shop, you'll see that it does have good support from other angles.

So here it is:


Any ideas or changes on your minds, feel free to post or PM! I value all thoughts on my stuff!

No fine print here, just the facts!
I am in no way, shape or form responsible for production or shipping or manufacturing quality of these products. All I can say is that it took 15 days to show up at my house after I ordered it and the quality is top-notch! Shapeways has an excellent record of part quality which is one of the major reasons I went with them for this stuff.

2014.01.07, 02:53 AM
Forgot to mention something else here. There is a cross hole through the shock mount area for mount retention. I always replace the factory steel rod with a motor wire so it gives the mount a bit more room for movement. So if your top shock has no stop to it, fish a bit of wire through there and clamp it down with the stock plastic retainer on the chassis.

2014.01.14, 11:36 AM
Just showed up this morning! Had to test fit a bit before I left for the day job.

I will have a more definitive review very soon. Overall I am very pleased with this... bearings went in a bit tight but nothing a bit of scraping didn't take care of, I will adjust the model tomorrow night and get it loaded up. Wire retainer hole is a bit smaller than I thought too. So, just some minor revisions and it'll be good to go!


It is much stiffer than I thought it would be, feels very tough and sturdy... can't wait to get it on the track! :D:D:D

2014.01.16, 02:17 AM
Real quick... ran a bunch of laps with the new mount, worked just fine. had to dig out the plastic dust for a bit... small allen wrench helped with that. I do have some minor changes to make and they will be uploaded onto the site soon if I can get Shapeways to stop changing the upload process! :mad:


Had to notch the Ferrari body in the back, motor mount hits a bit in turns, new revision will correct this. Should not be a problem with the newer bodies.

2014.01.17, 03:25 AM
Good morning once again! At least for those that have slept!

I'm still fighting an upload issue for the revised mount but I will post as soon as it gets back up on the site.

2014.01.18, 09:53 AM
After many PMs and realizing that my browser is causing me way too many headaches, the newly revised mount is up in my shop for sale now.

I just finished up blacking out my current mount, looks stealthy now!

After many runs with the car now I'm pretty convinced that losing weight on an F1 is a give and take scenario. The car is much nimbler on track now, I had to change rear tires a few times to get to where I was comfortable with it but it is now much quicker and much less prone to the dreaded spinout. This mount is a huge change from the old-school tank of an alloy Atomic mount I was running! I plan to give a full report after tomorrow's races.

2014.01.19, 08:26 AM
The older ATM mount was a favorite of mine for larger high speed circuits because of its mass... I preferred the PN mount on smaller/tight layouts, the ATM was a little more sluggish in that department. What is the weight of the UID mount in comparison?

2014.01.20, 10:18 AM
Well... another terrible day for my F1s! We only raced them for a few minutes due to all of the newbies in attendance but I know that things are just going south for all of my chassis'. I do have some pretty bad tweaks and even some cracks in almost all of my chassis due to my brutal testing regiments for some of my parts in the past (full speed rail crashes, full speed dummy car crashes, etc...). It's time for me to get a bit more scientific and clear up my worn tire collection and invest in some newer gear that I can't make (yet).

I will say that Larry has really shined a light on this all with his F1s. I drove one of his yesterday and realized that an investment in one of these cars does pay off in handling characteristics. Time to get crackin!

I know one thing for sure... I am now more dedicated with my mission to kill the sideplates on an F1 than ever before. They work just fine but can only get you to a certain level of consistently when you're really pushing for ever little bit of performance.

On the brighter side, the V1 mount worked just fine. No damage after a few collisions, motor didn't shift or loosen, motor ran cool... all good!

2014.01.20, 10:36 AM
Sorry to hear about your troubles, but it is good to hear that the mount worked out well.

F1 is still a delicate chassis to some degree. There have been major increases in durability, but it is still not bullet proof.

Side plates can work, but I agree that there is a point at which they just hold the car back. Larry's cars are always nice, and a dream to drive. I would be interested to know what his setups look like these days...

2014.01.20, 11:49 AM
I have pics but I need to check with him before I post... I've been waiting for a thread about his setups for a long time now. His current setup is like driving with telekinesis... between all of the most up-to-date gear and that KIY radio, he's near impossible to keep up with. It was sickening to have to hand the controller back to him before the race. :p

2014.01.20, 12:05 PM
Ed...thanks for the kind words. Eugene...I'll get back to you when I get settled at home. Work and weather sucks lately.;)

2014.01.20, 04:41 PM
So the KIY is that much better than the Helios? I didnt like the feel of the Eurus much when i tried someones car... but i didnt adjust the settings for my style...

I really like the focus that your parts have on the F1. I feel that this chassis could use some help. it is by far the most outdated kyosho chassis that is raced. The limitations with the battery compartment really make it difficult to work around the side plate dilemma. Any t-plate solution (besides the new ATM) relegates the battery door useless, and needs to be removed to change cells. I am going to try fitting some Lipo cells in there, and charge them in the chassis, so i can use a t-plate without tweaking the rear end each time i charge. out of my 4 F1's, 2 had Mantis t-plates, the others side plates simply for this reason...

Larry, i would love to hear more about your setup, what you like about it, and what you think could be improved...

2014.01.20, 05:00 PM
End goal for the F1 lies in a brushless, lipo configuration. Hopefully that will buy enough real estate within the wheel trac to get an independent rear in there. An independent front wouldn't hurt either.

All in due time. ;)

2014.01.20, 06:08 PM
End goal for the F1 lies in a brushless, lipo configuration. Hopefully that will buy enough real estate within the wheel trac to get an independent rear in there. An independent front wouldn't hurt either.

All in due time. ;)

don't forget our discussion...:D

2014.01.20, 09:36 PM
Exactly... Just need Larry to leave me one of his cars to rip apart and measure.