View Full Version : PN Racing F1 Tie Rods 100800

2014.01.10, 12:19 PM
I was looking at the new PN F1 tie rods and was wondering if anybody has tried them out yet. Model number 100800. http://www.kenonhobby.com/PN-Racing-Mini-Z-F1-Pro2-Tie-Rod-0-Orange_p_45017.html

I use Kyosho aluminum knuckles and an old Atomic tie rod. I'm looking for a smoother tie rod that will give me "0" deg. toe. Is it safe to assume that the "0" deg. tie rod will produce zero toe with the Kyosho knuckles?

2014.01.11, 02:15 AM
Russ let's get some of these and give them a try, I need to update what I have on the front of my F1 as they are really worn. We can talk on thrusday.