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2014.01.17, 08:20 PM
New design Mini-Z 2WD Wheel with 2pcs in pack.
Machine Cut
Material Special ABS plastic.

anyone have more information on these new wheels?
what diameter?
i assume the letter/number in the title PN Racing Mini-Z 2WD Machine Cut 10 Spoke Rear Wheel R1 Yellow refer to front/rear and offset?
will additional colors be coming? i actually like the fluorescent yellow.
are these actually 14mm wide? PN Racing Mini-Z 2WD Machine Cut BBS Rear Wheel R14mm Yellow what is the purpose for a 14mm wheel, foams?

2014.01.17, 09:31 PM
20mm diameter
R1 = 1 offset rear

Very precise and light. 0.8 grams each rear, and 0,75 grams each front. (1 offset 5 spoke measured)
Looks to be great quality. Dont know how they hold up, but they certainly flex a bit more than the delrin dish wheels wich can be a good thing.

I dont have any 14mm at hand, but I would assume foams etc used in some open classes around the world. They are 14mm wide to my understanding.

2014.01.17, 09:35 PM
...Looks to be great quality. Dont know how they hold up, but they certainly flex a bit more than the delrin dish wheels wich can be a good thing.
can you explain why a more flexible material would be a good thing for wheels?

2014.01.17, 09:48 PM
Misunderstanding I think.
They are not so soft that I think they will flex noticeably when driving, but they will maybe flex some instead of break :)
To get visible flex when I am pushing the rear wheels down on a scale I am up to 500 grams on the rears. This is the outer unsupported edge only. The fronts have support all the way so no issue here either.
Compared to machined dish rims they are a littlebit more flexible due to dish wheels have full support on the outside.
If the material is softer in itself I dont know.

On a sidenote:In larger scale classes, many use wheels that allows more flex on bumpy tracks and low grip conditions to gain grip.

Mike Keely
2014.01.18, 09:05 AM
On the larger 1/10th and 1/8th scale on road nitro foam tires, companies are making tools to cut the inside section of the rim to make them more flexible. You can not cut out were the spokes are but after cutting the rim thickness on the inside of the rims they give you a lot more grip.

2014.01.18, 04:56 PM
does this translate to mini-z scale when most run on flat RCP or carpet? i admit our RCP track at hobby works is likely the most bumpy RCP track you will find in constant, repeated use within a retail establishment due to the commercial carpet being installed over tile cobblestone.

2014.01.19, 10:35 AM
I don't see why not...

1. RCP is never truly flat
2. If they flex in a consistent manner they would likely give a slightly increased contact patch during cornering. (Small at this scale but useful nonetheless.)

I believe I'll be giving these a try later in the year...I need to find a livery custom that'll match the yellow.

2014.01.19, 11:23 AM
not even carpet is ever truly flat. hell, it's hard to float a concrete floot truly flat. using the term flat is relative at this scale really.

i'm willing to give them a try.

2014.01.19, 07:13 PM
fyi..in the very near future...PN will release these wheels in pure whits and gunmetal/black color as well.... imo..these wheels are great...the fit and finish on these wheels surprise even me!:D

2014.01.21, 02:22 AM
what is the purpose for a 14mm wheel, foams?

Isn't a 0 offset 14mm wide rear wheel essentially the same track as a +3W rear wheel?? Only with much more grip.
I think that 14mm wide wheels on a buggy would be just awesome.

2014.01.21, 01:05 PM
Reallly looking forward getting a set of those. Preferably in gun smoke after The last info. :)

No plan to make -1 wide? We'll be lauching a lotus exige cup at our club and those little babies needs negative offset.

2014.01.21, 06:43 PM
Very high quality rims.
Looking forward to other colors as well:)

2014.01.22, 02:49 AM
Mini-Z 2WD Machine Cut 5 Spoke Wheel Yellow!

Mini-Z 2WD Machine Cut 16 Spoke Wheel Yellow!

bbs style

rim rings... i guess for a stiffer feel...

what's the pricing on these, please?

pics from pn and grants fb page...

2014.01.22, 06:29 PM
worried at all a out deforming the wheel when truing tires?

2014.01.22, 11:16 PM
worried at all a out deforming the wheel when truing tires?
not at all

2014.01.22, 11:48 PM
Its either for bling, and/or to increase the mass of the wheel I assume... Could be a useful tool. The wheels look nice. Love the color, and the BBS :p

2014.01.23, 04:26 AM
they are nice, mine arrive a couple of days ago...

http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk131/optionboy/DSCF8567_zps195a438b.jpg (http://s279.photobucket.com/user/optionboy/media/DSCF8567_zps195a438b.jpg.html)

http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk131/optionboy/DSCF8569_zps1528a2fe.jpg (http://s279.photobucket.com/user/optionboy/media/DSCF8569_zps1528a2fe.jpg.html)

can't wait to try them on the track this Sunday.