View Full Version : Dry Ball Bearings

2014.01.18, 06:23 AM
Unable to resist a chance to look like an idiot...a number of PN's bearing sets - such as PN Racing Mini-Z AWD Shield Hub Dry Ball Bearing Set (part no 600128) are listed as being 'dry'. Does this just mean they are shipped dry and need lubing before use - or are they actually expected to run lube free for life?

2014.01.18, 07:23 AM
Believe they come without grease and you can choose whether to add your lube or run dry. Dry bearings spin faster but have a shorter lifespan.

2014.01.18, 07:27 AM
It means that they do not use a thick grease/lubricant from the factory like many bearings do. Many racers clean the grease/lubricants out of normal bearings to have them spin more freely. Not sure whether these dry bearings use a powder lubricant or not, so if you clean them, you may want to use a thin bearing oil to keep them lubricated.