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2014.01.20, 06:31 AM
I have been developing a display that would show basic race information on video with minimal effort, i.e no video post processing etc. The solution a LCD text display in front of the video camera. Thanks Jesús Broceño for providing the needed data on ZRound.

This display is specially developed for ZRacers, but if you are interested, contact me via http://www.levitezer.com/Support.html

The ZRacer videos can be found at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh8yxCcDs9cqoPvsu9PBQOg?feature=g-subs-u

2014.01.20, 07:59 AM
Always taking it to the next level :D

Fantastic work!

2014.01.20, 08:12 AM
Thanks Rune :)

2014.01.20, 09:00 AM

I just installed a 46" smart LED HDTV on a rolling stand for the guys to see their laps times at the track this past weekend using Zround's secondary monitor functionality. I was using a 22" widescreen monitor previously.

2014.01.20, 09:55 AM
The ZRound secondary big screen is really nice for drivers to see the results real time, but should be quite close to camera to show on video.

The LeViteZer display is located less than 40 cm (ca. 1 feet) from the GoPro hero camera and visible only for the camera.

This display is connected via USB (it uses RS232 port via USB, but only USB cable is needed) The ZRound scoreboard makes this display possible. http://www.zround.com/wiki/doku.php/scoreboards

2014.01.20, 12:41 PM
very interesting indeed. would be nice to place in front of webcam space at Remnant. they typically put up an ipad on a camera perch to record events.

Remnant and our club at hobby works use multiple monitors (2-5) for zround secondary screen display. we tried to place monitors in pit areas and around the track so people could watch from wherever vs. crowding around the track PC. one particular feature i like is the running order for heats that is displayed on the right side of the secondary display. we hope to be adding a 40" TV screen as the main secondary monitor shortly for the crowd to watch and right across from where drivers stand. hobby works can get a decent crowd of parents and kids watching races at times.

2014.01.20, 02:34 PM
We do not usually get they many people watching the racing, though they would be most welcome, but ZRacers arrange also events for companies and they will get the racing video after. Will be nice to have the lap times on video.

Here is a presentation video of ZRacers club. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcXa92o54hI

2014.01.21, 04:07 AM
The screen at the wall is 60" LCD that is used as the secondary monitor for ZRound. This can be seen in the screenshot Garug posted in the first post. It is big enough so all the spectators can follow the standings in real time while watching the race, and also the drivers can see it during the race with a little practice.

But this solution really provides more value for the videos. Thanks again Garug for your work on my part.

2014.01.21, 09:21 AM
watched the fly thru, VERY nice place:cool:

2014.01.21, 03:17 PM
Thanks, we like it too, a lot and are very lucky to have this place.

2014.02.01, 04:56 AM
LeViteZer display will have its true test at ZRacers Open May 2-4 2014. You are all welcome to race with us. Zracers club is located about half an hour from Helsinki airport and les than 20 km from Helsinki.