View Full Version : Have to rebind car everytime.

2014.01.23, 10:37 AM
Just as the title says. Every time my buddy changes the batteries in his car he has to rebind it. Its like it wont hold a bind? Curious what it might be.

Tom #93

2014.01.23, 10:50 AM
is it one car specifically? if so I would say it's a issue with the board. If it's more cars, possible an issue with the radio. is it a module based radio? or something like a KT-18?

2014.01.23, 03:33 PM
Its just one car, and this happened after we changed the servo motor.

2014.01.23, 04:42 PM
Pull it all apart and check all solder connections, look carefully for shorts. Also clean the pcb, make sure there is no debris, solder or metal bits anywhere on the board. If that doesn't fix it then the board was likely damaged during the motor swap, possibly by static.