View Full Version : ASF PC board programming

Mike Keely
2014.01.24, 07:17 AM
I have the setting module and the setting card that links the ASF PC board to the radio. What I was wondering was how you navigate through the process and will it work on a Helios? The module came with the Euros so I would figure I would be able to change the settings using it. The setting card shows the older box style module but how do you change settings in the car using the radio? I will take a picture of the modules and try to add it to this thread.

Mike Keely
2014.01.24, 08:08 AM
Here is the picture. It goes in were you would plug in the normal Mini-Z module in the radio.

2014.01.24, 10:15 PM
From what I read, you change the settings thru the front LCD on the radio. I don't think it will work on a Helios. It uses DDS.

Mike Keely
2014.01.25, 08:34 AM
You are correct. I spoke to KO and they said that it would only work with the Eurus. I will be playing with it today just to see if I notice any difference.