View Full Version : HFAY S17 Races 1 and 2

2014.01.29, 09:00 AM
Season 17 has begun. Can't believe we are staring on our 9th year. that's pretty cool.

It's that time again as the end of the month approaches to get you time uploaded to the HFAY site.

Doesn't look like we have any F1 entries for this season. We didn't have any clubs running against us last year so we decided to not run the F1 this season to make some time for the club racing after HFAY. If anyone plans on Running F1 Let us know.

I see times from the following clubs already uploaded.

Western Zydney Racers
Remnant Mini-Z Club
Washington DC GTG
Salt Lake Mini-Z

2014.02.03, 11:42 AM
anyone else have times to upload before I process them. thanks.

2014.02.04, 07:53 AM
just uploaded Burncity MiniZ

2014.02.04, 03:45 PM
just uploaded Burncity MiniZ

thanks. I'll get them processed right now. :)