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2014.01.30, 08:28 PM
Wondering about some light on my MR-03 LM with a Porsche 962C LH body.
There are 2 front lights in each light bucket and 2 square red lights in the rear.
I use the KoPropo EX-10 Eurus with RF-902SM
I have a TikiTiki version of the MR-03 and this is my question.

Is it possible to get a signal out of one of the 2 connectors on top of the MR-03 to control the lights?
Thinking about controlling lights on and off.

Due to weight and space issues, is there a system that is small enough to give me the possibility of switching the lights on and off.
4 bright white in the front and 2 reds in the rear.
Also. Is it possible to make the 2 red in the rear to lit brighter when braking?

What I would like to end up with is a small connector I can easily disconnect when removing the body.
A small electronics so that I can make it fit inside the body.
4 bright white in front.
2 red in rear, which lights up brighter when breaking.
And all of that to be controlled from BT2 on my Eurus.


Just so I can run my LeMans when the lights turns down low....

2014.01.31, 08:19 PM
pretty cool idea... ive seen really small scale cars 1:48 1:63 or something of that scale, have lighting options... just not sure how to integrate it into the mini z… good luck with your project...