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2014.02.01, 04:47 PM
Hey guys,

I havn't seen many posts up lately on what AAA batteries people are using lately.

I am looking for the same thing everyone else wants, High mAh & high Output.

I am currently using the Powerex Imedion 950mAh AAA's
Website (http://www.mahaenergy.com/imedion-aaa-950mah-4-pack/)

I like their mAh capacity & the fact that they don't lose much juice after being charged so they can stay stored @ full power for longer periods of time.

My 4 sets that I rotate through are about 2 years old now, so I am looking to either get more, or something better.

What is everyone using these days?

2014.02.01, 07:50 PM
Personally I run r1wurks 900 and 750. Great battery with great power, run time and long life.

2014.02.01, 08:00 PM
Yeah those are great, the trp 747 are also really good. Check which ever batteries were received by your local hobby shop most recently, the less time they sit in the package the better they will most likely be. Usually as long as the batteries are fresh they are pretty even. Also you should discharge them after every run and you should have about 8 sets so you don't cycle each set more than twice in a race night, after that they start to loose punch.


Also you forgot to mention if you were running mod or stock. For mod try to stick with the 900's, the peak 900 are also real good. If you are running stock go with any battery in the 700 mah range. Be careful though with some of the 900's (peak, and R1) I have found that they sometimes give less than 900mah, I even have a R1 750 pack that has 900mah and a 900 pack that has 720 mah.

2014.02.02, 01:25 AM
Peak 900 batteries are the best AAAs I have used. They have good run time with brushed mod motors (can make 10+ mins) and are punchy. I have been using the same cells since the beginning of last year and they still work great!

2014.02.02, 07:19 AM
R1Wurks all the way.

2014.02.02, 08:14 AM
I run mostly the R1 990s. But I have some Atomic VP 800s that are pretty good too.

2014.02.02, 09:46 AM
i always liked peak 900's. right now i'm running eneloops which are nice but perform very different from peaks so still getting used to them. i've also run the orion's a lot as well. i've always had the greatest deviations between cells in orions, not counting the bulk aftermarket brands from ebay. i'm not a fan of r1 cells personally. ended up replacing them with the eneloops.

there are so many options out there that it's really hard to get a definitive answer. provided you have the time and effort to match cells, you don't need to spend a fortune on premium brands. i know some that have very good experiences with budget brands like harbor freight when cared for properly. battery care and matching is a tedious process that pays off for those willing to do it right. i never seem to have the time nor motivation to devote to that effort though.

battery preference is subjective in a sense and based on what fits the driver style for the most part. some like punch, some like smooth consistent power. like selecting tires, find what suits your driving style. it's going to take some trial and error. for the most part, you can't go wrong unless you buy cheap cells that have been sitting on a shelf for a year. years ago, duracell, rayovak and energizers were the big thing so it just goes to show batteries are rather trendy for the lack of a better term. read with a reasonable level of skepticism and don't get sucked into hype over this or that.

photography websites generally have very good review discussions on rechargeables ;)

2014.02.02, 02:07 PM
On GT modified it really is matter of taste. I have used Eneloops to calm the GT modified down, they are really good for that. What I most like on Eneloops is that they are very consistent, they all perform the same. Also they keep the charge well. And they do not give any high peak at start, on my opinion that is good for GT modified.

Lately I have been using mostly Wurks both on GT modified and Stock. They are good an consistent.

But when looking the best batteries for Stock car, where there is not too much power available anyway, then it really matters that you get the highest possible voltage for the first 300 mah*. While searching the best batteries for Stock it is better to forget the brands and just test and find the best batteries. At ZRacers it is not unusual that in Stock car all the 4 batteries are different brand ;-).

This is one of the battery testers we use.


*in 8 minute race a stock car consumes about 300 mah, it does not really matter how the battery behaves after that.

Ps. On Stock it matters a lot how the batteries are charged. Best discharge them at the morning of the racing day and fully charge them just before the race. Just charged hot batteries perform the best.

2014.02.02, 07:15 PM
Eneloop XX for most cars, Eneloop Lite for my narrow/90mm awd car.

Charger is key! Must be constant current to get the best out of any nicad or nimh cells.

2014.02.17, 11:07 AM
Where is the best place to get these?

I couldn't find them readily available on E-Bay.

Right from their site?

2014.02.17, 11:34 AM
thats fine or try pn and tiny rc. both should have them in stock.

2014.02.17, 11:35 AM

2014.02.17, 08:45 PM
I personally have done a little digging & decided to go with the R1Wurks 990 mAh UHO batteries.

It doesn't seem they are low disapating, but I typically toss my batteries in the charger just before running them to top them up anyhow.

I've nabbed 5 sets & I'm hopping they will be my new go to's.

I'm going to start discharging my batteries at the end of their run from now on & continue to let them cool down a bit before charging them back up again.

I typically try to run my batteries through a break in & match them the best I can.

I currently am using the Maha MH-C9000 (http://www.mahaenergy.com/mh-c9000/)

I'm getting my hands on a couple demo units of the SkyRC NC2500 (http://www.skyrc.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=179) so we'll see how those may help me too.

As we typically run for 5-6 hours, I should be able to rotate through batteries once or twice properly & get top performance out of them.

It only becomes a pain when I pull out multiple cars & have to keep track of which onces were run & how long etc. :D

2014.02.18, 07:08 AM
Think you'll be happy with the R1s. I use a TurboMatcher 8 to test and match my cells and I've found the R1s to be very consistent from cell to cell.

2014.02.28, 08:00 PM
Guys, I'm just trying to get mini Z started in my Country, and im about to buy my first sets off rechargeable batts, Ive notice most say to go with lower Mah for stock class but why is that?


2014.02.28, 11:04 PM
lower mah typically has a higher discharge rate. thus they are faster but you dont get as long a run time. honestly i run r1 900mah in both mod and stock.

2014.03.01, 06:10 AM
I run Orion 900hv