View Full Version : getting that dang bug again

2014.02.03, 04:40 PM
Well im getting that mini-z bug again, knew I should have kept my car. I do have someone getting me a price on a roller gonna try that new pn racing board to allow the use of my spectrum radio so I will be out once in a while.

How have things been any new guys running with you. I know last time I was up a gentleman and his daughter where trying it out and also another younger guy, anyone stick around? Anyway will be good ro see you guys again and race with out dirt everywhere

2014.02.03, 05:13 PM
Remember that the pn board doesn't come with a servo or servo gears or a potentiometer or any wires so you will need those as well.

2014.02.03, 06:38 PM
Welcome back....now stay with it...:p I think you know we race at the Railyard hobbies? We were only there 1 time so far. People had interest. We are supposed to run this comming Sunday. The weather already looks iffy. Ill talk to you soon on parts. I have a PN Spektrum board in my one car.

2014.02.03, 10:36 PM
They come and go... Larry intimidates newbies too much. ;)

If you don't get the gear in time, you know I have extras ready for you.

Mini-Zs are the only cars I've never given up with, never hurts to cut it down but always pays to keep at least one around. As far as extras needed to get one back running with a PN, I'm sure one of us can help you out there.

Weather is iffy for Sunday but I'm only cancelling if Railyard closes... I tend to doubt that happening but you never know. I know we just had around a foot of sticky snow pushed out of our driveway and that was only supposed to be 3-5 they were calling for.

Not too worried myself about the weather but then again, I'm not too concerned about dinging up my 16yr old Rav.

Side note:

For some strange reason me and the wife headed up to see them pull the groundhog out of his hole on Sunday... no sun visible through the light drizzle (couldn't even see some of the overhead fireworks through the cloud cover) and they still said he saw his shadow?

If you're ever thinking about making the trip out to Punxy... don't expect a real humdinger of a time, only fun if you're "special" like me. :rolleyes: