View Full Version : 2014 Lexus SC bodies- some details

2014.02.07, 09:17 AM
From the kyosho blog site:

The new SC bodies are MM (98mm). This was something we at MC3 and I'm sure others suspected when reviewing the pictures of the prototypes.

So, cool. Another probably good running MM body.

FYI, offsets are 2 front and rear. Other specs:

total length: 177mm
overall width: 76.5mm
height: 44mm

2014.02.07, 12:16 PM
Always liked the sc430 at 94. Hopefully the 98 will be just as good

2014.02.07, 12:46 PM
As soon as you can get a White Body let me work on it. You know it will be better than the 94.

2014.02.07, 07:32 PM
pretty cool... thanks for the info :D

2014.02.07, 08:19 PM
Nice, nice, nice! :)

2014.04.24, 07:42 PM
anyone have opinion on how this body drives?

2014.07.05, 07:48 AM
Any review on this body?

2014.07.05, 10:39 AM
I've had a chance to drive a 98mm Lexus Whitebody on a couple different chassis setups and while I'm not completely comfortable with it yet I have some comparisons to my favorite body (458GT2):

1. The weight distribution seems more centered compared to the forward/center distribution of the 458.

2. I find the body requires a couple steps of dual rate more than my 458 to acheive the same level of turn in.

3. It is a stable body on high speed sections matching my 458 for comfort at the high end of throttle.

I'll be getting some more time with it on my 48T chassis tomorrow but for now I'd say I regard it highly (4.5 out of 5) but still favor my 458 at the moment