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2014.02.09, 11:43 AM
after tweaking the Atomic Self Centering Damper (http://shop.tinyrc.com/product.php?productid=22329&cat=0&page=1), i also moved on to the Atomic I.A.S. (http://shop.tinyrc.com/product.php?productid=22555&cat=0&page=1) suspension setup. i've seen this setup put to very good use locally and wanted to give this a shot.

this was a bit more straight forward install and it all went together rather well. I must state that the advice to grease the shock mount screws likely saved me from stripping them. ;) great tip.

i have one shock tub that the adjustment ring spins easily and other other i have to use a good deal of force so there is some degree of variance in either the plastics or the aluminum rings.

having put the whole bit of kit together, the results were not quite expected. the setup as a great deal of positive camber, something i had not noticed in other's setup. i've never run a positive camber setup and it was very strange to see the tires wear so unevenly. naturally i had to dial the steering up significantly, about 20 points more than usual.

you will see that i have no bottom spacers under the knuckles and for me, this was necessary as my 458 front end sits very low with the stock nose clip. so much so that i could not use any spacers or the nose dragged on the track. even if i had, it would not have significantly addressed the camber issue.

i will state that i continue to slightly increase my lap counts with the combination of the I.A.S. and self centering damper. it's taken some adjustment on my part for steering, etc. but it is an improvement none the less. what i would like to know is, what have i don't wrong with mine to get so much positive camber? what can i do to get this back to neutral with zero droop?




2014.02.09, 12:01 PM
to add to this, i need to replace my PN knuckles as they are worn pretty good after several years of use. do the Atomic F.S. knuckles require the use of an Atomic tie rod? i can't seem to find an Atomic wide 0 tie rod anywhere. and they have limited if any choice in negative values. the I.A.S. already introduces toe out and do not want to add any more than i already have. i have a PN wide o tie rod currently.

2014.02.09, 02:53 PM
I haven't seen that up close and personal but to me it looks like you could get your kingpins back to 0 with a shorter shock/stiffer spring/less preload...it looks like that arm is pushed out by the long shock body. It's either that or some sort of wider bottom plate to get kingpins to where they should be. edit, now that i look at it closer it seems to be the width of the top mount is wider than what would be ideal (compared to a stock front end for example). Shorter shocks wouldn't help the situation so a wider bottom plate?

As for worn knuckles I've had good success replacing the delrin internals on PN knuckles...they have them around here somewhere.:D

2014.02.09, 04:48 PM
The shocks play no role in how far out the arms swing is. I think your right, maybe I'm supposed to use the Atomic lower arm set. It may move the king pin out on the bottom. Or maybe there is a shorter top brace that I'm not aware of. Other wide drastic negative camber knuckle may due the trick, good suggestion from m.m.

What is the part # for the PN knuckle cores/inserts?

2014.02.09, 04:59 PM
I have them at MR2158 or Mr3032A both are listed as being for 03's.

The amount of Camber I quoted you is not anywhere near extreme. With stock upper arms and stock bottom plate you will find that amount just right for negating tire wear and provide super turn in on throttle without having to look at the bottom of the car.

2014.02.09, 05:06 PM
May be common for some but I've never run negative camber knuckles so it's drastic for me. Still a good suggestion:)

2014.02.09, 06:25 PM
If you really want some strong handling pick up a LeviteZer front end and add those knuckles. You won't believe how good it drives and feels.

Honestly. The LeviteZer makes everything else out there drive like an 01 with bad servo gears.