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2014.02.13, 12:14 AM
Just got my first set of wheels I've ever made!

Now I can't rant and rave about how great they are other than they look incredible and they fit real nice as expected! Once I get some miles on these thing I'll have a better idea of what they may or may not need. They do feel awfully sturdy when I try to give them a twist once they are installed and if my history with this material is any guide to how sturdy they are going to be out there on the track... I feel pretty confident that these are gonna do their job quite well!

The bearings go in tight but I kinda prefer that, typical clean-out, dig-out with an X-acto isn't required but it does make the job cleaner and a bit easier. The bearings will not fully seat because I designed them to do this for clearance.

No camera pics yet but I'm working on it! I will update as soon as I get some.

Here's the previous screenshot I had with them in it:

Wheels are in the shop now so you can give them a spin there too!

Also... I am offering these in the colors Shapeways offers because of the obvious restrictions involved with getting a marker or paintbrush inside the wheels to color them. I may just do that with some other parts as well.

No fine print here, just the facts!
I am in no way, shape or form responsible for production or shipping or manufacturing quality of these products. All I can say is that it took 15 days to show up at my house after I ordered it and the quality is top-notch! Shapeways has an excellent record of part quality which is one of the major reasons I went with them for this stuff.