View Full Version : sluggish steering with VE-board

2014.02.14, 03:43 AM

We have beeen testing with the VE-board and steering with a futaba servo, servo electronics removed and control is done by the VE-board.

We experince that the steering is very sluggish it will steer correctly but it will return to central point very slowly, so slow that while driving you will either over correct or drive into the rails after a corner.

When we run the MR03 board it works OK, but the VE board the steering is well very slow to return.

2014.02.14, 09:15 AM
Are there ICS settings on the VE board for the servo return (smooth/over)?

2014.02.16, 03:11 PM
We finally hooked the Ve-board to the computer and change the steering punch from 2 upto 10, this did the trick the servo now reacts and follows steering input from radio much better, infact car now OK to drive. It made a huge improvement.

2014.06.09, 12:25 AM
Just keep the punch at 2 and set the st. gain to "strong". This totally transforms the servo and is better than setting the punch to 10.

The VE board has had some software updates as the servo doesn't jitter with strong setting as it does with brushed mr03 boards.