View Full Version : ZRound v1.12 Build 21

2014.02.23, 02:27 PM
i installed this yesterday and hooked it up to an i-lap bridge and got some error messages all day long. i would try to retell what they were but i don't recall them being in english.

what is the proper way to configure to get english as the default language for speech? i keep getting spanish notices despite setting it to the system voice.

2014.02.23, 04:04 PM
I must check the default translation in order to have the right texts when language changes.

You can set the text for all events into the "Speaker" configuration page. Please check the Events (1) and (2) sub-pages to correct the wrong texts.

It is possible these texts remain in spanish:

"Track open" -> when practice begins on races. Racers names are read later.
"Practice time" -> text to warn about the practice time. Duration is read later.
"Finish line pass" -> (default is disabled) . Allows to read the racer's name when the car is detected. If you want to enable the feature check it and set the text you want, use "%s" where you want the racer's name. (example: "%s detected")

"Best own time" -> your best ever registered time
"Lap estimation" -> Used to read the estimation. It uses up to three variables (%s: racer's name; %d lap estimation; %s total time estimated)

Best regards.