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2014.02.23, 11:33 PM
Hey guys, I have an MR03 and a KT18 Tx that I've owned since 2011 with the intention off staring mini Z in my area. well I finally got two Wide L RCP tracks a few weeks back. me an a buddy put one the wide Ls together and started doing circuits for the first time on Saturday, today Sunday we messed around a while and after running a few laps we stop to change out the bats but then here is where the problem started, we could not get the car to power up again.
The LED on the car seem to be blinking one a very dim mode, I've tried paring again with no success.
when the pairing button is pushed the LED brights up steady but once i do the cycle power i get the dim blinking again.
after searching some older threads i found where the KT18 go bad and a Solid blue light? but mines still goes in to pairing mode(dim blue). :confused:

Thanks in advance !

2014.02.24, 04:10 AM
Many possible problems. Have you tried pairing your chassis with your buddy's radio? That might help you identify whether its your radio or chassis. If it pairs with his radio, then put fresh batteries in your radio and try pairing again. You may also want to reset your KT-18 and try pairing again with your chassis. Also be sure the other chassis and radio are off when pairing. Good luck!

2014.02.24, 05:30 AM
Also. Make sure that you are using non rechargeable batteries in the transmitters.

2014.02.24, 09:14 AM
thanks! for the replay Guys,
We only have this one MiniZ and Kt18. this is all new to us.
we are using non re-charble bats in both radio and car. The radio seem fine as it powers up with beep then solid blue, it goes in to paring mode fine, trainer mode, and also resets when powered up holding the down trim button.
on the chasis side, when the radio is in pairing mode and the chasis is turned on holding the bind button the LED is bright red but then some times it would stay bright after releasing the button and sometime it immediately goes to the dim blinking state. I think the board is getting power because when its on and i move the steering i could feel a bit a resistance opposed to when its off.

thanks for the help guys! i really appreciate it.

2014.02.24, 09:56 AM
The pairing process is not as simple as it should be, and sometimes it takes more than one try. I would say go outside away from home phones and other 2.4 GHz devices and try repeatedly. Be sure you are following the pairing directions exactly and in the proper sequence.

Are there any hobby shopts, tracks or Mini-Z fans near you? They may be able to help!

Good luck!

2014.02.24, 11:17 AM
Also, and I've had this happen once... make sure the little rocker button in not sticking in a depressed position.

I've never had an issue with rechargables in a KT18? The only power issue I've ever dealt with was the metal tab in the battery holder getting bent too far down causing disruptions.

2014.02.24, 03:24 PM
Just tried your suggestions with no luck,
No Hobby shops or people with MiniZ around here.
is there anyway I could probably test with a volt meter on the Boar to see its the car or Radio? I tested the volts on the tabs where the board is connected and its reading 5.96V so that means im getting voltage up till the board. Only having this one set is making it difficult to point out which is the bad one. Im thinking i need to buy another kt18 and see if it works then ill know if its the chasis or Tx.
is there any where i can buy the board for the MR03? i don't see them listed on Kennon Hobby. I also noticed most places are out off stock on MR03 is there anywhere in the US you guys still get them? the only place i see them is Hobby Japan on Ebay.


2014.02.24, 03:42 PM
Where are you located?

MR-03 ASF boards (made by KO) are in short supply at the moment. Kyosho has come out with a new board for the MR-03S (made by Kyosho), but its not compatible with the ASF board or the KT-18. There is also speculation that Kyosho will discontinue the KO boards, but I'm not convinced just yet.

I suspect that the pairing isn't being done just right, and that your equipment is fine, but I can't say for sure. You have to do the pairing steps in the specified squence.

If you are satified that the pairing is being done right and you can't easily get the chassis and radio to an "expert" to check, then you're only option is to buy a new radio or board to figure it out. That would be an expensive option.

2014.02.24, 09:53 PM
Im in Honduras,
the pairing process im doing is the same one done in this Atomic mods videos
the problem with mines is that when I release the bind button the Red light doesn't stay bright, it starts blinking but very dim. I've been trying it all day over and over and a few time i got the light to stay bright after releasing the bind button, but after powering both Tx and car off and back on the Red light on the car just blinks, the only time it brights up is if i hold the bind button.

Thanks for the help guys!

2014.02.25, 05:05 AM
Sorry to hear that! Since the radio seems to work fine, I'm guessing its the board.

2014.02.25, 05:46 AM
Just for $h1ts and giggle take a 00 Phillips screw driver and verify that the board to chassis connections are secure. Do not over tighten but make sure they are tight. It's a stretch but it is worth checking.

2014.03.28, 06:43 PM
hey Guys, just wanted to update y'all ,
I bought a used KT18 from a member on here a few weeks back, and guess what? my Z is alive again!. It is my original Yellow Kt18 that went bad. The Chasis paired right up on the first try with the new one, so im in the game again! now i Need to get my track out and start some practicing!.

Thanks for all the help guys!


2014.03.29, 03:37 PM
Glad to hear it!