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2014.03.02, 07:07 PM
will PN release a true stock class brushless motor to compete with the Kyosho ECO motor? i would have a much easier time accepting brushless and promoting it if we had true stock class brushless motors that are compatible with the standard aftermarket motor pods.

2014.03.02, 08:36 PM
Ray, the 5500 is a nice slower motor.

2014.03.02, 11:26 PM
The Kyosho Eco motor is 5600kv if I am not mistaken... The X-Speed is 8500kv.

2014.03.02, 11:42 PM
Am I wrong in believing that the Kyosho motors use a ceramic magnet but the PN and Atomic use neodymium?

2014.03.03, 08:02 AM
I am using xpower 5000kv, it's not bad in my opinion.

2014.03.24, 01:40 AM
What could be the reason that two separate 9500kv pn gold motors have developed a symptom, where they spin just fine when the car is on air, but when the car is put on RCP it just judders and can't decide wether to go forwards or backwards. Sometimes if you push a good starting speed, it will work for half a lap. On a 12000k motor for instance the car and electronics are just fine. These are also tested on another VE car to have the same issues.
Anything to inspect, clean, etc...
Also, is there a recommended way to open the motors?

2014.06.26, 07:16 AM
Finally had the time to troubleshoot these motors. Rotating the motor on a milling machine at constant rpm, it was soon clear that the center phase was producing a lot less current than the other two. It seams that the considerably shorter length from the solder tab to the coil solder point is the other part of the problem. The other part seems to be badly cleaned coil insulation that makes solder not stick well to the wires.
Combining these two, heating the wire terminals too much, might disconnect the center coil connection.
After a good resolder of the coils, everything is back to normal.


You're welcome.