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2014.03.07, 02:30 PM
Fore resort of Heat results.

We typically run qualifiers as 10 minute open runs and sort drivers by mean of 4 best non-consecutive laps. occasionally, the first lap is counted at less than the min. set time which distorts the mean calculated average and thus the sorting. it's easy to fix this by simply discarding the 1st selected fast lap, 4 fast laps are highlighted for each racer. what i have not figured out is how to force z-round to resort after discarding lap(s). it should select the next fastest lap to maintain the 4 lap mean however it doesn't appear to do this as the main ranking never changes.

2014.03.08, 01:36 PM
I've seen if you check "ignore" the first lap the best lap calculation is limited to the best lap. It is a bug, the n-best lap configured should be used.

Consider uncheck the "count first detection" on "le mans" start mode options to prevent the first lap be counted under the min. lap time until I release a bug fix (coming soon).

2014.03.09, 05:04 PM
ZRound Suite 1.12.22 is available with the bug fixed.


Starting lights use can be limited to mains (option added on settings)
DATE variable added to scoreboard protocol
Pass indicator (highlight frame) on Monitor#2 is persistent (highlighting is not cancelled when another transponder is detected)
Android app support register racers (instead of transponders). Require android app update
Bug solved. Testing sounds on settings window
Bug solved. Computing n-best lap after ignoring/split/join laps
Bug solved. In staggered start first racer was skipped when an unregistered car was detected and removed

ZRound Manager

Best lap qualify can sum results of n-best rounds

Android App

Settings includes racer selection.

2014.03.09, 06:25 PM
can't thank you enough for your continued support in making the user experience better :p i assume you will be posting a new thread regarding the latest version and will look for a link to download there.