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2014.03.07, 02:34 PM
what is the best method for configuring drivers for an event where the number of transponders is limited and transponders must be shared?

i know you can have multiple profiles assigned to a single transponder. i assume z-round will sort heats properly to avoid transponder conflicts automatically.

FYI, i'm trying to run an event with limited quantity of I-Lap transponders.

2014.03.07, 05:27 PM
First, ZRound sorts the heats always based on the racer's ranking for the first sort. For resort on heats (PN Racing format) and resort for mains only qualify is used. It never uses the transponder assigned to sort racers.

You have two options:

A) ZRound has a feature called "transponder availability" that allows you to have a set of transponders owned by the club. It is thought to lend transponders and not to manage a race with that set of devices. However I think you could use it to define the transponders you will use in the race and set them to racers easily.

You can assign these transponders to racers using the button "club" near to the transponder edit box into the registration form.

The only way to do it automatically is left in blank the transponder number, the system will assign them when heats are generated. Unfortunatelly, once a transponder is set to a racer it is not used again for others.

For example:
Racers: 8 (register them and left blank the transponder field)
Transponders: 6
Heat A: 4 Racers
Heat B: 4 Racers

When you generate the heats, all racers from Heat A and the first 2 racers on Heat B will have a transponder automatically assigned.
The last 2 racers on Heat B won't have transponders and you should go to the racer's registration to set manually the transponder (click on "Club" button to select one owned by club)

B) On the fly

I think it is the simplest solution. You must set the transponders for all racers before the race but it is really easy and it will prevent mistakes.

To set the transponders:
a) start the warm-up practice time
b) use the mouse right button on a racer to display the context menu and select "registering/Detect transponders"
c) ask the racer to pass the detection line. The detected transponder will be automatically assigned to him

Repeat the procedure with all racers.

Best regards.