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2014.03.09, 12:36 PM

• Chassis - Any manufacturer, mass market/production chassis compatible with Kyosho 86mm autoscale permitted.

• Motor - Any Manufacturer motor permitted.

• PCB - Any modification permitted.

• Bodies - 86mm Autoscale required, finished autoscale or unpainted white body. Minor Modification (shaving or drilling, adding wings etc) permitted for performance gain.

• Wheels - Any Manufacturer wheels.

• Tires - Any Manufacturer brand rubber tire (No grooving, cutting or silicone based tires allowed)

• Batteries - Four AAA batteries. Alkaline, Ni-MH or Ni-Cd batteries may be used. No other type of battery may be used. For example: Lithium Polymer may not be used, Ni-Zn may not be used.

• Ball Bearings - Any manufacturer non ceramic ball bearings are permitted.

• Front Suspension - Any manufacturer suspension and parts permitted.

• Rear Suspension - Any manufacturer suspension permitted.

• H/T Plate - Any Manufacturer H/T plate permitted, must be appropriate to stock wheelbase for chassis configuration and Autoscale selection.

• Wheel Nuts - Any Manufacturer wheel nuts permitted.

Modifications to the rules
• Oils, lubes, greases, tire tape will be allowed in our series.
• Autoscale modifications must not alter the stock autoscale form and envelope dimensions. Example, Chopping the top to reduce overall autoscale height not permitted.

86mm and 90mm will run parallel with HFAY season. January thru December will be mixed 86mm and 90mm classes.

2014.03.09, 12:48 PM
please read and let me know if i've missed anything.

2014.03.15, 05:31 PM
I would say allow the white body version to keep cost down a little. Plus I don't want to destroy my autoscale lotus. :D

2014.03.15, 08:51 PM
hmm...what about other 86mm bodies i.e. porsche 934, 906, lancia stratos? or is this an exclusive exige body race? just curious.

2014.03.15, 10:12 PM
it's still being discussed... more than just a race, possible a season coinciding with HFAY season and alternating between 86mm and 90mm.

2014.03.31, 09:44 PM
sweet... would be interesting to see a 86 - 90hm only race... :D

2014.03.31, 09:51 PM
ill see if we cant get some video on the 26th. :cool:

2015.01.05, 08:53 PM
Can we consider LiPo?

2015.01.05, 10:06 PM
for 86-90 i'd advise against it. for mod class, could be interesting.