View Full Version : Magnet switch on PNWC cans

2014.03.10, 04:58 PM
Always one hitch on my projects. During a rebuild I was planning to switch to gold magnets on my 50t motor. The hitch being the stock magnets seem to want to stay put. Are they glued in or is it just the
Magnet strength and friction keeping them in place? Suggestions anyone?

2014.03.10, 05:10 PM
Are the motor clips out?

Look inside the can on the flat sides you should see a U shaped clip holding the magnets. One in each flat side.

Push one side of the clip off then you should be able to remove them from inside the can. Once you've switched magnets reinstall by placing one side if the clip against one magnet end and then lever the other side of the clip into place.

2014.03.13, 09:17 AM
Doh! I needed to look closer. I had mistaken the clips for little rails fixed to the can. they came out easily once I followed your advice. Possibly an easier way to get them back in. I put the Curve of the clips around the tip of my finger then just slid then along the flat sides of the can and they both went back without any fuss. just make sure the clip stays flat. thanks so much for the help.