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2014.03.11, 01:50 PM
Many are thinking a 4 Hour Endurance Race would be an excellent way to get things going as far as events go this year. I am completely fine with this, but would like to include one or two other regular type classes for heats and mains to be run before or after the event. (Mod, F1 or BoxStock) Or we could just do some pick-up races, grudge matches, etc... I am planning to set the track the Friday before so we could always get some races going then, and then just do the Endurance on Saturday.

I am open to all suggestions but basically what Remnant held for us last year was so good that I would like a repeat of it (except with a much larger track ;))

The Endurance Race would be as follows:
*All rules are preliminary*

Railyard Hobbies
100 Heritage Drive
Elverson, PA 19520

2-4 drivers per team, one car per team.
4 hour race, no set pit schedule.
The chassis you start with is the chassis you must finish with.
Replacement of any broken parts is allowed during the race but must conform to the VTRs.

Vehicle Tech Regulations:
Kyosho chassis (MR01, MR015, MR02, MR03, MA010, MA015, MA020,)
Iwaver chassis (01, 02M, 04M)
Xmod chassis (Gen 1, Gen 2)
Chassis mods and tweaks allowed (minor trimming and weight/stiffeners allowed)
2WD or AWD
Kyosho AutoScale 599 Ferrari body only (typical race trimming allowed)
Lightweight aftermarket windows allowed
98mm wheelbase only
Wheel offsets no greater than +3
PN 70turn handout motors only, no motor mods or we break your fingers!
Break-in period allowed, comm drops and oiling allowed
Rubber tires only
(4) NiMH AAA cells only

Endurance Team List:

Team RMZR (Larry, Al, Quinn)

Team ByeBye (?)

Team Dwight (?)

If you want to sign up, PM me your team name and the names of each driver on that team.

I have no idea about entry fees or handout motors or trophies as of yet, I will have most or all of this pinned down by the end of this month.

2014.03.11, 02:59 PM
sounds like fun! i was hoping for June to fit between HFAY seasons. also had other intentions for an alternate autoscale choice but the 599 is a great car and chances are, plenty of people have one. i more than likely cannot make any date in May, i already have my 2 weekends for racing booked. 2 keeps the wife happy, 3, not so much. :o

2014.03.12, 10:44 AM
Local hotels:

Holiday Inn:

http://www.booking.com/hotel/us/holiday-inn-morgantown-pennsylvania-turnpike-exit-298.en-us.html?aid=336408;label=morgantown-pennsylvania-NORjUWecegf_al1A5HniogS35538053156%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap15 %3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap1t1%3Aneg;sid=759b98fe096944a253618 f65bcd27c2e;dcid=1;checkin=2014-05-02;checkout=2014-05-03;ucfs=1;srfid=a81bf14e61f6d25d33e3b0e03276ca6262 fb4a5aX3

Red Carpet Inn:

http://www.booking.com/hotel/us/red-carpet-inn-morgantown.en-us.html?aid=336408;label=morgantown-pennsylvania-NORjUWecegf_al1A5HniogS35538053156%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap15 %3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap1t1%3Aneg;sid=759b98fe096944a253618 f65bcd27c2e;dcid=1;checkin=2014-05-02;checkout=2014-05-03;ucfs=1;srfid=a81bf14e61f6d25d33e3b0e03276ca6262 fb4a5aX2

USA Inn and Suites:

http://www.booking.com/hotel/us/usa-inn-and-suites.en-us.html?aid=336408;label=morgantown-pennsylvania-NORjUWecegf_al1A5HniogS35538053156%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap15 %3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap1t1%3Aneg;sid=759b98fe096944a253618 f65bcd27c2e;dcid=1;checkin=2014-05-02;checkout=2014-05-03;ucfs=1;srfid=a81bf14e61f6d25d33e3b0e03276ca6262 fb4a5aX1

Always this option too:


Walmart within walking distance!

*not picking on the homeless here, just giving low-cost ideas*

2014.03.12, 11:54 AM
What date are you thinking of

2014.03.12, 01:00 PM
What date are you thinking of

See thread title... ;)

2014.03.13, 06:46 PM
Sub'd. Who's with me?

2014.03.14, 08:37 AM
I'm in gonna find out who else is in for the road trip.

2014.03.14, 07:55 PM
I would like to race if anyone is looking for a driver for their team.

Mike Keely
2014.03.14, 08:17 PM
Don't worry Kay. We will make sure that everyone that wants to race will be on a team.

2014.03.14, 10:48 PM
I most likely will be devoted more to running the event, but I will volunteer my driving skills if I have to.

Any ideas for other classes to run before or after the event? I'm very open to running our Mod class for a few heats and mains just to see what's what with all of these brushless cars and new chassis' coming out.

Mike Keely
2014.03.15, 10:09 PM
I most likely will be devoted more to running the event, but I will volunteer my driving skills if I have to.

Any ideas for other classes to run before or after the event? I'm very open to running our Mod class for a few heats and mains just to see what's what with all of these brushless cars and new chassis' coming out.

Once you start the clock there is nothing else to do but race. You need to be on someone's team Ed.

For another class, 50 turns sounds good. Sounds like you plan on having a good size track. That would be fun.

2014.03.15, 10:20 PM
you have race announcing, marshalling, and countless other things that distract you from devoting full attention to the track :rolleyes: just comes with the territory of managing races. i've tried doing both in previous endurance events and it's not always simple, there is always something that comes up. the last one we organized with NCRC i stayed support staff team member on a team. at mimi's the NC guys ran the show so i got to drive on a team.

2014.03.16, 07:23 AM
The Mimi's deal was fun. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Heard from Brandon lately?

2014.03.16, 11:17 AM
not in ages. he, along with a few others just sort of fell off the map.

2014.04.09, 10:08 AM

Not many signing up for this event. I was hoping to get at least 8 teams for this event but it looks like it's not gonna happen.


We will be using Giro-Z, we do have transponders but it wouldn't hurt to bring your own if you have some.

PN 70turn handout motors are on their way from Phil, I've also heard rumours of door prizes.

I will be contributing some raffle prizes as well.

Entry fees still not determined but I would at least like to cover our cost for the motors, still have to figure that out with Larry.

Teams may want to bring extension cords maybe a folding chair or two. We should have enough tables.

Please PM me with your team name and the driver's names if you plan to attend, I really need to see if we're going to have at least a half decent turnout for this.

2014.04.09, 12:04 PM
Also...I believe we will be setting up Friday. Would be nice to get some pick - up races for fun that day. Ed can chime in on this.....

Mike Keely
2014.04.10, 09:19 PM
I am trying to get a count of our crew that is coming. I will let you know as soon as I find out.

2014.04.11, 06:56 AM
unless you've heard from DC guys specifically, assume none. I'm still trying to work it into my schedule but adding a 3rd weekend of racing isn't an easy sell for me.

2014.04.11, 09:25 AM
I know Bye mentioned something about attending.

I empathize with your challenge of race/family schedule... I myself missed some good racing last Sunday. :(

2014.04.11, 10:09 AM
well, can't have kris going and not me... i've got to keep the pressure on :p

2014.04.11, 07:37 PM
I would like to race but need a team.

Mike Keely
2014.04.11, 07:54 PM
I heard that Mike Gee is trying to get a team together. I do not know who is on Dwight's team. I might run with him.

2014.04.11, 08:48 PM
I would like to race but need a team.

If you want to run, come on up. We should be able to pair people up. Theres xtras comming. ;)

2014.04.12, 02:36 AM
I don't have a team yet looking for one now.

2014.04.12, 08:20 AM
Had a crazy idea last night, was thinking of just pulling names from a hat to form teams.

But suddenly realized how hated I would be for doing something like that. :rolleyes:

If someone wants to race, they will. If someone needs a team, they will be on one. It's just that simple. And don't worry about skill levels and stuff like that, when you get your turn just do your best... that's all anyone wants to do anyways.

2014.04.12, 02:20 PM
I know for our 1/10th scale enduro we usually draw teams. Get to know new people and keeps from having stacked teams. Some dont like(people who want a stacked team of sponsored drivers lol) but most do I dont know about this one but there is no big cash reward its for fun

Mike Keely
2014.04.12, 06:57 PM
I don't have a team yet looking for one now.

We can run together Dwight. Gary is going to ask Nat if he wants to be on our team. Gary is looking to have a team also.

2014.04.12, 08:30 PM
How ever we do it, it will be for fun and we will have fun! The more the better. :)

2014.04.12, 10:02 PM
Justin... K needs a teamate, and probably some of our rookies may need teams as well.

I just want to remind everyone once again that this is an Enduro, not filtered mains where there will be no traffic. So build your cars with that in mind... toughen them up as you see fit, keyword here is "Endurance" and that is not just driving. :D

Filtered racing can happen Friday evening or after the Enduro if everybody isn't entirely burned out by then. :o

2014.04.20, 06:38 PM
Ok, race is getting close. Lets hear from some guys/teams on comming. Hand out motors and prizes are comming from PN RACING. Starting to get giro lap counter up to speed. Need to hear from people.
Also hear some bigger scale champ racers are going to try to make it also....;)

2014.04.20, 08:57 PM
Getting my share of prizes together too, I'm actually really torn up about putting one of them up for raffle but hey... why let it collect dust, right?

The shop is stocking up nicely, Railyard is just about to get some PN gear in inventory so things are ramping up nicely there.

As far as teams go... just show up and you will be on a team. I am offering my driving (ahem) talent to whoever needs it. I know Justin needs a team so I may just set him up in my spot so I can team up with anyone I have to.

2014.04.23, 08:46 PM
If this race is still a go. Team MHS would like to sign up. :cool:

Please let me know if there changes or updates to the rules that was posted.
Just want to make sure I keep my fingers. :p:D


Also we can only make the May 3rd race hope that is ok.

2014.04.23, 09:29 PM
Maj...all is good to go. Prizes on the way also. The 3rd is no problem. The 2nd is for setting up and just throw some fun racing in if people show up. Be good to see you guys again!!! :)

2014.04.23, 09:34 PM
Maj...all is good to go. Prizes on the way also. The 3rd is no problem. The 2nd is for setting up and just throw some fun racing in if people show up. Be good to see you guys again!!! :)

How's the pits space looking like.

And yes it will be good see you guys too!!

2014.04.23, 09:58 PM
Pit towels and extension cords never hurt. We should have enough tables and chairs but I want to double check with Railyard on an actual count so nobody is left standing.

Nothing stopping anyone from bringing their own chairs and tables though. My coleman foldouts with the footrests are great for spectating and I do plan to do a bit of that. :D

2014.04.26, 08:18 PM
UPDATE.....prizes and motors are here for race. Thanks PN Racing! :)

2014.04.26, 08:24 PM
Ed....put Chad down for racing. We can find a team for him.

2014.04.27, 07:38 AM
I have made up sign necklaces that say "I NEED A TEAM" for all of those loners that will show up. :D

just kidding...

We should be good on chairs and tables but it wouldn't hurt to bring extension cords.

2014.04.27, 09:15 PM
Is there an updated teams list?

2014.04.27, 10:34 PM
I haven't gotten word back from Mike about how many Remnant racers are coming but I'm fairly certain there will be at least 3 teams from their crew. Maybe one or two more from south of PA. We should have at least 4 from our crew. Probably looking at around 7 or 8 teams and then however
many from your crew.

Seems to be getting tougher to get Z racers together anywhere nowadays but I'm hoping it turns around somehow. With all of the options out there nowadays, it seems like the perfect time to ramp things up a bit. I know our new racers are really motivated to get more involved, many of them are surprised that this type of racing even exists! Once they see how involved it gets, they are blown away by how much there is to know and want to learn as much as possible. I'm hopeful that this scale just gets a well needed injection of new interest before it's too late here in the States. Would really suck to watch this scale of racing die a slow death for nothing more than a lack of promotion from the bigger manufacturers.

Sorry for the rant, just really don't want to race any other scale. I know racing is fun whatever it is but as most of you know, there is something really special about 1/28th. I could never totally pin it down to one thing but we all know why we do this.

2014.04.28, 04:59 AM
Well said...better promotion of events and participation and hopefully this Z hobby will get going again.

2014.04.28, 09:46 PM
Mike Keely and i believe he said Dwight are comming.....possibly others.
Waiting to hear from byebye.

2014.04.30, 06:23 PM
Dont forget....
Friday..set-up, test/tune/fun racing.
Saturday...opens up around 10:00. Start Endurance race around 12ish. :)

2014.04.30, 09:37 PM
Check-in starts at 10 Saturday until 11:45. Railyard does open up earlier on Saturdays sometimes to let the dirt racers in so I'm gonna try to get there by 8:30-9am.

2014.05.01, 04:55 AM
Sounds good.

Mike Keely
2014.05.01, 08:02 PM
Sorry to say it guys but I will not make the race. No one else from our group is going to make it either. Not sure why the other guys are not coming.

2014.05.01, 09:06 PM
Mike, thanks for heads up. Sorry to hear that. Was looking forward to getting some talking inbetween driving. Thats the nice thing with the Enduro. You know your still invited.....

2014.05.01, 10:22 PM
May just turn out to be some regular club races. I'll be there tomorrow to set up around 12noon.

Mike Keely
2014.05.02, 09:43 AM
We will see how things go. I was working on my jet ski yesterday and hit my thumb with a 32 OZ hammer ( for no good reason that I can think of :confused:). It is still very sore and not sure how holding a radio would go. I still do not have plans for Sat. so I may still show up if I think I can drive the car OK.

2014.05.02, 02:23 PM
I gave you a text.;)

2014.05.02, 09:34 PM
Track is up and ready to go. Doors open at 9. See all there. :)

2014.05.02, 09:36 PM
Depending on the amount of people, we are thinking of ......
1. Enduro
2 Shorter enduro and stock/mod races
3 all stock/mod/F-1 races.

2014.05.02, 09:40 PM
I won't be able to make it, i am sick :(
I was really looking forwards to it.

2014.05.02, 10:49 PM
Got your pm. ...sorry to hear that. Get better.

2014.05.03, 07:55 AM
Get better K! We'll catch you next time!

I can kinda relate with Mike, snapped my pinky working on a full scale and I did notice it with the controller yesterday. It's healed but it just healed a bit differently than stock.

See you all soon.

2014.05.03, 10:11 PM
Thanks for a good race day. Changed to 2 man teams for a 1 HR. Enduro. Then went with regular stock racing rest of day. Good to see some of the newbies stop by. Some got some practice in, others got some car advice and help with there cars. Again thanks to Pn for prizes and The Railyard Hobbies. Pictures are up on f******k under Reading mini-z racers....just ask to join the group.