View Full Version : Mad Max Interceptor Autoscale

2014.03.12, 11:50 AM
What is the going value for the Mad Max Interceptor? I have seen one going for $125. Is this a good deal or not?

2014.03.12, 11:55 AM
ignore 'current' auction prices and look at 'sold' prices ;) there is often a large discrepancy between the two. :p i wouldn't pay that much myself but that just because i won't want it bad enough. price is relative to demand/desire.

important question? clean or dirty? i recall the dirty version being more desirable. i have the clean version myself and still looking for a reasonably priced dirty version.

2014.03.12, 12:05 PM
Its the clean version. I find it a bit expensive too. I am not really a collector so I was thinking of buying it to re-sell but it doesn't seem like such a good deal.

2014.03.12, 12:07 PM
way to much for re-sell, no meat on the bone at that price.

2014.03.12, 01:03 PM
It's a neat shelf queen to have, I have sold and purchased them anywhere from $40-$75, dirty and clean, MIB to opened and lightly used.

They are getting rarer though but usually someone finds one in a closet once in a while and posts it.