View Full Version : American Muscle Cars?

2014.03.18, 05:35 AM
I'm a fan of the classic American muscle cars and really want a body for my mini z. Apart from the AC cobra, what other options are there? are there iwaver or xmods bodys that will fit on my mini z mr03?

2014.03.18, 05:47 AM
Check member fovea3d's signature. He has done some work with 3D printed bodies with a pretty good variety of offerings.

2014.03.18, 06:02 AM
that's awesome, just what I was looking for!

2015.01.29, 03:17 PM
fovea3d's versions are good alternatives but more than a little surprising Kyosho hasn't yet jumped on the VTA bandwagon with ASC's with both feet, the perfect platform for bodies of that era...in the 10th scale TC scene VTA's have grown into a huge class in a short period of time and just now HPI announced release of 1/5 scale versions too.

Classic street paint schemes as well as racing liveries from 60's-70's Trans Am racing would be the stuff .... in 98mm they'll sell like hot cakes and looks like that's the correct WB for them to begin with...

2015.01.29, 09:04 PM
Been barking up this tree for more than a decade!

Gimme an AAR Cuda, 70 LS6 Chevelle, 69 Z28, any of the Ponies in Shelby trim... it's been more than a decade!

The did give us the Daytona a while back... another great pinnacle of 60s excess.

2015.01.30, 04:14 PM
I figure the only hope is a kickstarter. But at an estimate of $80,000 for a mold... Do you think you could get 2,000 backers at $50 a pop? And inevitably, which should be the first. And then do another 2,000 in year 2 to cover the licensing costs :)

2015.01.30, 04:43 PM
Would be completely off the hook to have a 69 Camaro, 69/70 Mustang, 70 Challenger/ Cuda and a 70 Javelin. All at 98mm +2+3 offsets. The Trans/Am possibilities would be endless.