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2014.03.21, 09:03 PM
I have an Audi TT mini-z from a long time ago. it doesn't say "MR-0[anything]" anywhere in the instructions. it just says the model number is #30002. but searching the internet for kyosho 30002 only yields a couple of closed ebay auctions and some beanie hats on kyosho.com. I'm assuming that what I have, from a "shopping for replacement parts, specifically the rear suspension H-Plate" perspective, is an MR-01. is that right?

2014.03.21, 09:21 PM
Yes. MR-01

2014.03.21, 09:26 PM
post a picture ;)

2014.03.27, 04:38 PM
oh it's far too ugly right now for a picture. the body is cracked, the motor is hanging on by one flimsy solder, the tires are grey and split... it needs some work. I have a set of 3Racing MR-01 h-plates en route from asiatees.com via amazon (they are out of stock here).

when it comes time to get a new body, tires, and motor, are those more universal across MR-0#models than the H plate is, or am I going to have trouble finding replacements for them as well?

2014.03.27, 08:37 PM
Tires and motors will work across all the mini-z versions. Most bodies will fit a MR01 provided you can find the right motor mount for it. 3Racing is about the only company that still has parts for the MR01. Pick up a few extra motor mounts and H plates while you can. The shop here still has in stock a motor mount and some other parts. shop.tinyrc.com

2014.03.28, 01:45 AM
Take into consideration that the MR01 H-Plates are RM length only, unless you can find some custom length ones... The RM t-plates on the MR02/03 are 4mm longer than the MM t-plates, which means that you are essentially adding 4mm to the wheelbase. Therefore, to run 98mm wheelbase bodies, you need to use a 94mm Mid motor pod. And to run 94mm Mid motor, you must use a 90mm mid motor pod (with the H-plate mounted in the forward most position).

If you think about sinking any money into this, I would consider to upgrade to an MR02 at least, since there are parts still available for it. MR01 is basically a dead chassis, and if you break something, you wont be able to find spares.