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2014.03.23, 09:13 PM
Here is my little video of my Mini-Z buggy, I've been having lots of fun with this little thing. :)

Hope you enjoy it.


BiLLy bOb
2014.03.23, 09:42 PM
really like your vid.
is that stock or has it been modified. if stock, MAN that moves. if modified, what's been done to it to make it so quick?

2014.03.24, 08:59 AM
the electronics are stock, I'm running the following. I tried it with the stock and the PN 50 Turn motors, I needed more torque to pop off the jumps with the little run up I had. the 33 Turn motor was the ticket for the power I needed.

PN 33 Turn Ball bearing motor with stock gearing
PN Universals
PN center drive shaft
Kyosho Front Coupler
Kyosho Ball Diffs
Kyosho stock stocks
Kyosho 2 degree rear toe
Kyosho -1 degree toe bar (Toe out)
PN S5 Front and Rear wheels
PN type Z tires 30 fronts (glued to the rims)
PN type Z tires 20 rears (glued to the rims)
Kyosho foam tire inserts front and back
Kyosho Silver back springs
Kyosho Stock front springs
Kyosho 400 shock oil Front/Rear
Kyosho Stock Oil Shocks
Kyosho Adjustable linkage set
Kyosho Stock bearings
Kyosho aluminum shock towers
Kyosho aluminum heatsink and motor spacers.

so yea, Pretty much fully modded and loads of fun to drive. :)

BiLLy bOb
2014.03.24, 02:09 PM
really nice. it really looks like a blast to run.

2014.03.26, 10:14 AM
Your buggy looks great! Really like your track too, excellent use of corrugated sheet for bumps!

2014.03.26, 10:23 AM
thanks, I originally made them for when we race Overlands, but the corrugated material was a pretty rough for the overland with the smaller tires and limited suspension movement. The white pieces are lattice that I cut to fit the track width they make a pretty good rumple section that you can still take at speed. The green piece is a PVC Corrugated Roofing panel, I bought both at home depot and cut them to fit.



2014.03.27, 05:15 AM
Really good ideas. I've been playing around with the buggy's and think I'll draw some inspiration from this for a home track, think I'm going to need some more space though!