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2014.03.24, 08:03 PM
WTB: MR-03 Stuff
Name: Nick
Location: Hackettstown, NJ
Contact: 15_ncaro@s.wmrhsd.org

I am looking to buy MR-03 parts, chassis, etc. If you have a chassis that is not the sports or FHS version then I would prefer to have a controller that comes with it. Email me what you have, the worst I can say is no thanks!

I am also looking for some bodies in particular:
SKYNET Boogie Hajime (Polka Dot)
Blue Dodge Viper
WRX Sti 22b from 1999
Blue Calsonic Skyline JTC R32
Fast and Furious Evo VII
G'Zox Hasemi Z 2005
Jun Hakosuka SKYNET
Hasemi Endless Z
Skyline KPGC10 2000 blue
Fast and Furious Skyline R34
Keihin Honda HSV010 2010
Mazda RX-7 Yellow FD3S
Yellowhat YMS GT-R
Dodge Viper Raceline
Silvia Nismo R-TUNE White

2014.03.30, 02:26 PM
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