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2014.03.26, 05:03 AM
hi all ,

its getting to the point when i have to decide on a surface for the track i am building . when starting i had planned on using regupol or one of the substitutes products available and using the track solely for my dnanos but while building i have managed to stretch the lanes out a bit wider then i thought i could to approx 50cm and the layout looks like it could work quite well for drifting my awd .

i have lots of the exercise jigsaw mats but have not had the best results grip wise with these as i find that my dnano tyres tend to pick up some kind of film/residue from the mats after 10 mins or so running going from traction rolling to not being able to make a corner at any kind of speed at all but they do work well for drifting . i think i have road tested all the available tyres except the foams now so maybe these would be an option ?
i have tried sanding the mats surface a little to rough it up slightly and then cleaned the surface with iso which seems to be a bit better so maybe there are ways to improve on these ? i did find some info on removing the releasing agent from the foam but can't find it again now . sure it involved sanding then cleaning with acetone . any ideas ?

ideally i would like to use carpet but dont want to have to strip down the front end every 15mins or so to clean out the fibres that the dnanos seem to pick up so easily . ive looked at exhibition carpet but most seems to be corded which is'nt great for handling . i have found outdoor carpet online and have ordered some samples as well as a few types of stretch/lining automotive carpets which would look to be something like ozite so hopefully something maybe suitable when they arrive .

if none of the carpets work and i cant improve my eva mats then i am out of ideas but open to any suggestions you may have of any other options to take a look at :)


2014.03.26, 07:31 AM
We went with Realtracks. Their product for dNaNo was awesome. Super smooth and offered excellent grip once treated with a cleaner (to take off residues from the manufacturing process). However, that being said, they are not producing kits anymore. However, I think I may have one brand new kit left in stock. I'll have to check.

The only thing is that the lane width is probably not going to do much good for your AWD as although you can run max 2 mini-z together on the track, I think you'd need some extra lane width due to the idea of drift, i.e. you need a lot of room to drift (i.e. 1m (or approx 3 ft)).

2014.03.26, 04:53 PM
hi , the realtracks setup looks very nice but after selling my rcp track i decided i really wanted to build my own making it a little more realistic looking with some nice scenery etc . i'm in the uk where unfortunately none off the ready built options are available without importing anyway .
true scale was the plan but after testing some lane widths i had to compromise quite a bit and after spending the amount of hours glueing and screwing i have the last few days to get the basic base and track shape built i'll be seeing this though to the end now .

i can live with 50cm lanes for my awd , i had a 55cm lanes before and after lots of practice i was making mostly clean laps . i like a challenge :D
i'm building the track for my dnanos , i still may go with a regupol surface but even after changing a couple of the corners from my plans it looks like it would be good fun to drift so looking at my options to allow me to do so . i've just opened up the carpet samples and am having a look at them and nothing looks that great at first glance .

2014.03.26, 09:04 PM
Perhaps look into the carpet used for amps/speakers or such. It should be a much lower pile than floor carpet. Perhaps that is where Kyosho sourced their official Dnano carpet material? At Cruizin With RC's, they have a large track with the Dnano carpet material. It has a very low pile, and does not get caught up on the axles or chassis like Ozite does.

2014.03.28, 02:57 PM
will take a look a at the speaker cabinet speaker and see if i can get some samples sent out . the stuff at my local store would be no good . ive used it before for some speaker builds and it went really fluffy after a while .

i have had a sample of a motor home trimming carpet called "veltrim" delivered today and it looks promising . very short , nice smooth finish , no direction of weave that i can see and seems very hard to separate the fibres . its also cheap , comes in a few good colours and has no backing so should be fairly easy to work with :cool: