View Full Version : mr03sport tx issue maybe????

BiLLy bOb
2014.03.29, 11:47 PM
picked up a mr03 CHEAP, looks like new. yesterday, worked fine and dandy, training mode worked fine and dandy. funny thing about it, yesterday, i could pull (throtle) or push (brake) **EITHER ONE**, turn it on and it would go into training mode, but the blue power light was flashing triple time. probably 6-8 times per second. This morning, turn on tx and car, wont drive. had to rebind it. now it will not go into training mode. have tried to reset it many times using arch2b's instructions here.


i assume it is entering reset mode when i follow the instructions and turn it on, however, the lil blue light is only blinking 2-4 times per second, not the 6-8 it was yesterday. in step 6, instructions say light should *blink rapidly*...... Upon finishing up step 10, the light continues to blink.

also, since rebinding it this mornin, i'm not able to re-enter training mode which is very nice for my 5yo. maybe this is the reason i got it so cheap. story was it would go slow, and other times it would go fast. i figured it was going into training mode.

any thoughts?

2014.03.30, 06:23 AM
Start with new Alkaline batteries in the transmitter.

BiLLy bOb
2014.03.30, 07:53 AM
the ones in it are rayovac's, only have 5 hours or so on them. would they go dead that fast?

I will pick up some duracells today and see how they do.

2014.03.30, 08:31 AM
You can't beat a Dura-cell for an alkaline battery.

2014.03.30, 08:40 AM
have you tried resetting (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39628) the transmitter?

BiLLy bOb
2014.03.30, 09:34 PM
New batterys, no difference.

arch, sorry I was not clear in my orginal post. after I had to rebind the tx/rx yesterday morning is when I compltely lost training mode. yesterday i spent20-30 minutes and another 15 today trying to get the tx to reset. kept running into the same issue.

i assume it is entering reset mode when i follow the instructions and turn it on, however, the lil blue light is only blinking 2-4 times per second, not the 6-8 it was yesterday. when resetting, should it blink slowly 2-4 per second, or rapidly 6-8 per second? in step 6, instructions say light should *blink rapidly*......

Upon finishing up step 10, the light continues to blink, it does not turn solid.

rekin it might be a tx on the fritz is why i got it so cheap?

2014.03.31, 07:42 PM
Have you checked to see if any of the trim buttons are stuck?

BiLLy bOb
2014.03.31, 09:09 PM
Have you checked to see if any of the trim buttons are stuck?

I have checked. there is only the power button and battery release button on these. the steering trim is centered as specified, the gyro H knob is endpoint adjustment for steering, gyro L knob does nothing on the Z cars.

all knobs turn freely, both buttons push freely.

this evening, wife got me new duracells in town. yesterday i tried new rayovacs i had. even with new duracells, tx is doing the same as before.

im about to chalk it up to a bum tx. should know in a few more days. got a sport chassis set coming from ChiMiniRc. I'm figuring on binding that NEW tx to this car and hopefully the training mode will work. Annies birthday is saturday and hope to have it ready for her.

i'm still open to any other thoughts or ideas.


2014.04.01, 12:40 AM
hi louie... i remember seeing (was that annie?) driving your motorcycle with the kt-19... maybe you can try using the motorcycle's kt19 on the mr03s chassis.... and your mr03s kt19 on the motorcycle... from there you'll know for sure if the mr03s tx is defective...

i believe you can re-try resetting the car and controller posted by dandan... and properly posted in the transmitters, receivers and crystals section under kt-19 faq...

i've read that if first not successful, you can re-try it a couple of times until it works...
changing batteries, could also be a culprit... make sure the battery contacts in the controller are in contact with the batteries... looks like everybody else got it covered... apart from that, i'm clueless... good luck...

At my store recently we had some issues with a Mini-Z Sports series product. We had to contact Kyosho America for technical support and they provided us with information that I did not see in the manual. I think this information can help somebody who is having issues with their car.

We had one customer who was unable to get his wheels centered utilizing the trim. Even with full trim, the wheels were nowhere near the center point.

To reset the center position of the wheels
(1) Turn on the chassis (leave the transmitter turned off).
(2) Make sure that the steering trim is at the center.
(3) Move the front tires to the center position with your fingers.
(4) Push and hold the pairing button on the chassis until the LED flashes fast two times and goes off.
(5) Turn on the transmitter. The neutral position should be corrected. If it is still not at the center position, repeat above steps.

To reset the transmitter:
(1) Turn off the transmitter if it is on.
(2) Make sure that the steering trim knob is at the center position
(3) Turn the G.SPD L knob fully to the counterclockwise direction.
(4) Position of G.SPD H knob does not matter.
(5) Turn the steering wheel to the fully right position and push the throttle away to the full-brake position and hold them.
(6) Turn on the transmitter. The LED should flash rapidly; this means you are now in the factory mode.
(7) Release the steering wheel and throttle lever.
(8) Turn the steering wheel fully to the left, right, left and right, and then release it.
(9) Pull/push the throttle lever to full-throttle, full-brake, full-throttle, and full-brake, and then release it.
(10) Turn the G.SPD L knob to the right most position. The LED should become solid.
(11) Turn off the transmitter and on it again. You are done.

BiLLy bOb
2014.04.01, 01:39 AM
Yup, it was Annie driving the bike in the vid. Im glad you suggested trying the bikes tx on it. I never even gave it a thought.:confused: It is official, the tx that came with the 03sport has a gremlin in it somewhere. it still will not reset. I reset the bikes tx just to see if it would act differently than the car tx. sure did, it did exactly as the instructions say. light on bike tx blinked RAPIDLY, cars tx only blinked 2-4 times per second when trying to reset. maybe i'll pull it apart and look at it later. not that i'd know the difference between a squirrel and a porsche when it comes to electronics, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. i've managed to fix more elecronics than i have destroyed so why not?:rolleyes:

Anyway, bound the bikes tx to the 03s, car worked perfectly, training mode too.

rebound the original car tx back to the car, still can not activate the training mode, nor can i get the reset on the tx to take. sooooo i'm going to call it a buggered tx at this point. its all good, i got a new one on the way with another chassis, so no biggie. Annie will get a working unit either way with training mode for her. Still not bad all for what i paid for it.
Herman, thanks again for that suggestion.
Thanks to EVERYBODY on here with the ideas. I really appreciate it.

2014.04.01, 03:06 AM
did you try the car's tx on the mini moto? :D
if that would work... you would have two working rc's... :D
did you check the battery terminals in the tx?

BiLLy bOb
2014.04.01, 07:46 AM
naw, i didn't bother to bind the cars tx with the bike. i'm sure it will work though. it works fine in car, just can not activate the training mode.

battery terminals, haha, both the car and bike tx are very picky about the battery terminal. i do not know exactly what the issue is, but several times when i put the battery tray back in, ******something****** isn't making contact causing it to have no power. i have discovered when it does this, tap it on the bottom with my hand and it will begin to make contact. thats on both the car and bike tx's. i plan to take apart the cars tx in the next day or 2 and see if i can figure it out.

2014.04.02, 01:09 AM
good to hear... at least it works... if you don't need the training mode... i'm sure annie will out grow the training mode and develop her skills into using the regular mode...

BiLLy bOb
2014.04.02, 10:53 AM
i don't think annie will need the training mode too long but it will be nice for her for now.