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2014.03.31, 02:54 AM

My son is running a MR03 and we need to adress the front end of it,
is the PNracing double a-arm the only route or is there other solutions that will work?
The chassi is now as it came from Kyosho with a little attention spent on making things operate smoothly.

2014.03.31, 05:34 AM
When you say "address" you mean work on a particular issue or just bling it up?

There are many options available to "address" or bling up a front end. Some more effective than others depending on the skill level of the operator. Simpler is better would be the approach that I would take. You will run through much less disposable income in the process.

2014.03.31, 07:46 AM
yes thats true...

The original is well lacking something... I feel that it is very hard in the springs and the flex happens in the top arms intstead of the springs. I see lots of PNracing A-arms but also I know there are lots of different kingpin solutions to get a good working front end.
bling or no bling I am looking for a good working front end. Levitezer and on and on...
I feel I do not want to invest in a kingpin solution if the PNracing A-arm is the final solution, but then again if I do not need to go with the PN solution and a sheaper solution exists to get a good working frontend even better...

2014.03.31, 08:30 AM
i've run a spring under kit...always ran overall solid. i heard the full PN front end is hard to get dialed in, but when you get it dialed in, it's great

2014.03.31, 08:48 AM
I have used both and my personal preference is the LeVitZer. It offers an unheard of smoothness across the board and is no more complicated than a stock front end.

If it is less compliance you are looking for then a pair of aluminum upper arms from your choice of manufacturer will do the trick. Let finish color be your guide. Just don't get sucked into the flavor of the month because somebody says "you must have this". The more simple you keep it the shorter the path to your destination. Study on the issue you are experiencing and address it for what it is. Use what you have on hand first to see if you can change the parameters. If you don't have enough steering try softening the springs or reducing the front wheel offset. Don't pay $100+ dollars for a bag of tiny parts that might take you deeper down the rabbit hole instead of back to the track.

Try to remember that Caster just makes the car go straight. Camber helps the car turn and to a degree regulates tire wear. Toe in or out is for driver comfort. Tire choice? That is another enormous can of worms to sort through. Only you know what works on the surface you race on.

Good Luck.

2014.03.31, 12:55 PM
I run a stock front end. I reversed the kingpins, cut them shorter, installed softer front springs and changed the kingpin spacers.

I have found with the stock front end design the following spacer arrangement works the best in every situation I've raced in, 1mm above knuckle and .5mm below knuckle.

I find having the rear half of the car setup correctly can also greatly effect how the steering feels.