View Full Version : Brushless Motor Connectors

2014.04.04, 06:22 PM
does anyone have a set of kyosho brushless motor leads? i want to change out to an atomic motor and need stock wires for the moment.

anyone have recommendations for replacement connectors?

2014.04.04, 07:31 PM
They should be bullet connectors. Just measure the diameter.

2014.04.04, 10:51 PM
inaccurate measurements are 2mm diameter x 7mm length male end.

anyone know who sells these to match the kyosho plug or is it easier to switch them out to low profile 3mm which seem to be much more common than 2mm?

2014.04.05, 04:25 PM
I believe Eflite (a Horizon Hobby company) makes 2mm bullets

2014.04.05, 04:51 PM
what about HYPERION GOLD BULLET CONNECTORS, 1.8MM? these seem to have better reviews however not sure what size is appropriate.

2014.04.05, 06:37 PM
Does EC3 connectors fit?
They have nice fit when you remove the plastic

2014.04.13, 11:13 AM
finished these up with the hyperion connectors and PN 24awg wire. the wires are a tad long but i can trim these down.