View Full Version : Replacement antenna for kt-5?

2014.04.07, 01:50 PM
Was getting my young nephew introduced into mini z at weekend, so I had my old mr02 out with its kt-5 transmitter. Unfortunately he got a bit over excited and managed to bend the antenna on the transmitter.
So I have searched high and low for a replacement but can only find replacement antennas for kt-6 or kt-14.
Will either of these fit? or does anybody on here have a spare one I can buy?

2014.04.07, 06:13 PM
i just happen to have an extra you can have.

2014.04.08, 02:38 AM
excellent! how much do you want for it + shipping to france? Can I pay you through paypal?

2014.04.08, 06:57 AM
Actually, you can really use anything metal, as long as you keep it the same length as the original. I've seen wire hangers to just plain wire already. Still better to stick with a regular one though. Radio Shack used to carry one that worked but I have no idea if they have those shops in France.

2014.04.08, 11:24 AM
your best bet is to contact Alain/fovea3d to see if anyone in the regional/local clubs may have one as it's not going to be cheap to mail an antenna to France. no location provided in your profile so didn't realize the distance. the antenna would be free, the cost of shipping may make it more expensive than buying locally.

2014.04.08, 01:24 PM
I have looked high and low for a kt5 antenna locally (in Europe) and can't find one. I have found someone with a kt2 antenna in stock.
will this fit in to my kt5?

2014.04.08, 02:36 PM
Different diameters.

2014.04.08, 03:58 PM
arch2b will it cost more than $40 to post it to france? because I have found a shop in Germany that wants $40 for the item and shipping.

2014.04.08, 04:12 PM
what about the kt 6 antenna? will it fit a kt 5?

2014.04.09, 12:32 AM
i agree with arch. try to contact fovea3d on these forums (alain in real life) or locate local Miniz clubs in your area.. i'm pretty sure that somebody will be willing to give you one for free (just like arch). good luck