View Full Version : turnigy tz4 motor overheats

2014.04.10, 01:14 PM
after about 8 minutes of run time; motor on tz4 is hot to touch.anyone else experiencing this? if so what might problem be and how did you correct it??have put all option parts in it plus 3racing ball differential..mounted Renault regane body on it,the newer style. any help would be appreciated..

2014.04.10, 01:32 PM
How about more input than just tz4. How about surface being run on maybe gear ratio etc, etc. All of these can have input that can be attributed to excessive heat.

2014.04.10, 04:34 PM
running on carpet no track in my area!!closest one is 5 to 6 hours away.just run around house..used stock pinion even after installing ball differentials;does not seem to affect power but gets real hot..

2014.04.10, 05:01 PM
tranmission an wheels rotate freely no resistance/ drag?

2014.04.10, 07:31 PM
Carpet can create quite a bit of rolling resistance. Dif's set tighter than necessary creating heavy load on motor at low RPM?

2014.04.11, 07:47 AM
wheels turn freely;;will try loosening up differentials after I find out how!! thanks for the help quite alittle car-not a miniz but price was right, someday hope to find a track close to home;so can try racing before I get much older..i still remember when tower hobbies sold both minz and iwaver. that's where I got my first two z's...thanks again............