View Full Version : PN Racing Mini-Z 2WD Machine Cut Wheel

2014.04.13, 08:58 AM
when will the popular sizes be restocked? i've been holding out for awhile hoping to get more of these :p

2014.04.14, 06:04 PM
estimate arrive date 4/28

2014.04.26, 07:05 PM
what about the yellow wheels? the most desirable offsets are still out of stock.

2014.05.08, 07:53 PM
what about the yellow wheels? the most desirable offsets are still out of stock.

2014.05.08, 08:01 PM
what about the yellow wheels? the most desirable offsets are still out of stock.

The 5 spoke Yellow already up on kenon web, other style will be tomorrow, all wheels on packing in store.

2014.05.08, 08:05 PM
awesome! thanks for the update.

2014.06.24, 10:20 PM
stupid question but are Part#: 300804S etc all meant to be a fashion show or do they serve as a structural purpose? I didn't mind spending 2-ish usd for a set of rims that would get beat over time (but the offsets i need are OOS) but I'm hoping that rims close to 5-ish usd are durable enough that they don't need alloy reinforcing.:D

Looking forward to your reply.

2014.06.26, 03:52 PM
Anyone out there use these wheels and have structural issues with the outer lip? I notice PN has alloy inserts and I want to know if they are a fashion statement or serve a structure purpose...

2014.06.26, 03:59 PM
i have used them for the last several months and only the noticed the usual nicks, etc. in the edge profile. i too was initially concerned about the thin profile but i haven't run into any issues myself. i have been using them for stock/70T racing, all low impact classes though.

2014.06.26, 08:05 PM
Ive had no issues running them and others i know. I would say the outer rings are for bling (i have them and like the looks you can do). The rings are for +2 rims and up. To big for +1 and less. So i would say BLING!:D

2014.06.28, 08:39 AM
PN wheels inserts look like 99% Bling-Blingage to me :) Very nice Bling-Blingage tho :)

And I am guessing here, but I would think only at the top-of-top speed motors would you only EVER notice any wheel structure problems with the PN wheels.. I think these PN wheels are equal-to or better-than than the older PN $2-$3 wheels in both structural durability (material) and in looks :)

2014.08.03, 11:16 AM
well, i can see some value after this weekend. i noticed my car handling changed after a long day of racing and sure enough, there is a flat spot in one of my wheels. must have taken a hit right to the wheel or something but it's noticeable. this was in stock class with stock motors so no real great speeds achieved. in this case, if the aluminum ring was in, it likely would have just bent both. it's not likely to prevent most wheel deformation but a little rigidity added can't be a bad thing either.

in fairness, i have bent an aluminum wheel in the past as well. it took hitting a pot hole at full throttle though out on the street. it happens.

2014.08.08, 05:28 AM
Arch, you have proven me dead wrong. I stand corrected. :) I guess the news PN wheels have more give to them than first thought... The old Atomic dish wheels and the Delrin PN machined wheels definitely seem to be more durable than the new PN ABS plastic wheels..

The ABS wheels I don't think should have warped on you especially racing stock class... hmmm...

I do really dig the new PN ABS wheels designs tho.:D

2014.08.08, 06:19 AM
I like the designs as well. I like that PN offers a style for just about everyone.

It's disappointing that the wheel deformed but it is plastic and inexpensive enough to simply replace when needed.

I did check all my other cars with the wheels and the edge lip does nick, chip with use, which to be fair, almost all wheels do. These seem slightly less stiff or resilient than the Atomic S6 wheels but Atomic has chosen to not support more common offsets than PN does so I am using PN.

2014.08.08, 11:28 AM
I agree with you Arch, the new PN ABS wheels are very affordable, which is cool.:cool:

One thing I will say about PN Racing: They listen to customers. Every time someone has an issue, Mr. PN himself is accessible by email and always tries to make right any situation. :D

I was completely wrong about the alloy rim inserts being just bling... I am thinking they improve wheel rigidity on the new ABS-type PN wheels. The ABS PN wheels have that really cool deep-dish style, and I think the alloy inserts are a nice touch of bling but also provide reinforcement. :)

2015.05.09, 07:32 PM
well, i do recommend the trim ring for these wheels as it assist them in holding true. at the same time, it also causes them to crack in half. these wheels are not very durable in my experience. the rim surface deforms more so than other plastic wheel's i've used and while the trim rings keep them true much longer, they also cause them to crack over time. i've had to replace a couple already. i still maintain, these are cheap enough to be disposable but at the same time, disappointed in the durability. you either toss them when the get banged up and no longer round or toss them after the trim ring causes them to crack in half. either way they end up needing to be replaced. i got a season of HFAY on one set before needing to be replaced.

again, great looking wheel, lots of styles to choose from and plenty of offsets to cater to everyone. just have extra's on hand ;)