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2014.04.16, 07:04 PM
RULES (http://pnracing.us/pnwc2014/pnwc-2014-rules.htm)

Run on RCP SMOOTH side

2WD Stock , Le Mans Pro-Stock, GT Modified, F1 Pro-Stock, Pan Car Modified.

2014.04.16, 08:18 PM
Smooth side again?... :(

Looking forward to the rest of the year... hoping this is the year that this scale makes an upswing in the USA!

2014.04.17, 12:37 AM
Ed...maybe we should try smooth side?

2014.04.17, 05:35 AM
Larry. Very good traction on the slick side and virtually no tire wear. Especially with K-20 and 30 tires. Only possible issue is if RCP is worn in on the rough side. When you flip it you wind up with some reasonably serious bumps between tiles.

2014.04.17, 09:54 AM
Thanks for info Mike.

2014.04.17, 10:02 AM
Nothin' smooth about our RCP collection... different heights, stains, scrapes. You gotta remember, some sections of that track are a decade old and they have been dragged to every special event we could think to set up.

But if we have to, we will... I just do not look forward flipping all those rails again!

2014.04.17, 04:35 PM
I made a rail pin tool that fits into a drill. It makes short work of the screwing and unscrewing. Kind of like a teenage boy.

2014.04.17, 04:47 PM
Ok, yeah... wait. What? Whoa!!! :eek:


Just kidding...

If we are graced with the opportunity to run a PNWCRR, I will gladly force our newbies to flip the rails! ;)

2014.04.19, 02:03 PM
RULES (http://pnracing.us/pnwc2014/pnwc-2014-rules.htm)

Philip, you got mail from us at Lajf Racing about additional chassi for GT-mod class.