View Full Version : Mrx & amz

2014.04.18, 05:57 PM
So how fast are these compared to a MR-02/ 03 on RCP?

2014.04.21, 01:21 AM
I can only say about the AMZ coz I have one, we ve just had our race yesterday on smooth side rcp, the AMZ when set up right is as fast as the MR03.

2014.07.12, 01:18 AM
I have both, but only run on carpet. The AMZ takes serious effort to get going. I swapped in the Gogolap receiver only to have the esc take a dump. Just to see if I could get the servo to work, I then swapped in an MR03S board. It works fine. Unfortunately, the car actually requires a brushless motor due to space issues, so I have yet to drive it with all of the mods on it. I'll pick up a brushless board this week.

The MRX is a work of art and is absolutely the fastest car at Kyosho's Route 241 track. You should see Deven (former 1/10 scale on road national champ) drive it. I wish I could drive it like him. X-Power is my favorite aftermarket brand. PN stuff seems to have nice engineering, but a ton of slop. The Gimbaled Motor Pod for example looks like a work of art, but is so sloppy, it makes the car undrivable. X-Power is spot on with way less slop. Their rear pod is gorgeous. I love their stuff.