View Full Version : 2014 awd updated

2014.04.23, 08:37 AM
Does any one have the new improved awd.if so what's the difference

Just order the new improved 2014 AWD firelap .going to do a review when it comes.they told me that the radio and electronics are updated that the old radio will not work with the new car

2014.04.28, 08:46 AM
Its on the truck DHL is fast 3 days from China will do full review. Hope its some what decent

2014.04.28, 09:38 PM
Rec. The car very unhappy car does not turn on and top chassis is cracked in 2 spots looked like box was open the instructions where forced in and ripped

2014.04.29, 05:34 AM
sad to hear... so was it any different? any pics?

2014.04.29, 09:04 AM
The difference I see is the whole chassis is a dark gray the plastic feels good they say it has a better 2.4 system in it and faster servo but can't test cause it does not work.looks like my car was bent in the rear.good news is there working with me they only have to ship me a new chassis sad to hear... so was it any different? any pics?

2014.05.21, 01:36 AM
Just rec. The new car must say a great car for the money the new improved 2014 board is way better then the old one.steering is faster and it has brake then rev.likes can fit any mini z knuckles,wheels,gears and rims on it lots of carbon fiber and aluminum parts.