View Full Version : Mercedes G55... Am I dreaming?

2014.04.28, 04:32 PM
I have been searching and searching and then searching a little bit more and I just can not find a Mercedes g55 body for my overland. Are there any more out there? Are they so desirable that when you got one you don't let it go? I would like to buy one. Black, silver or even the white body set. any one of them will do. I figure if there is anybody who knows where they all are then they will be on these forums.

Realistically do I have any chance of getting my hands on one of these or am I dreaming?

2014.04.28, 05:18 PM
Some overland bodies are quite rare to come by these days, specially because the overland never was a huge success, but you might be able to find one for sale on ebay from time to time. I'll keep an eye out for you too, if I see it I'll let you know. :D

2014.04.28, 05:36 PM
There is one, full kit, available on ebay: Here (http://www.*******om/itm/KYOSHO-MINI-Z-OVERLAND-MERCEDES-BENZ-G55L-AMG-BLACK-AWESOME-/171310447201?pt=Radio_Control_Vehicles&hash=item27e2e5fa61)

2014.04.29, 12:08 PM
PM me if you are interested