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2014.04.30, 10:27 PM
We setup an account for the club, were now on google+ (https://www.google.com/+MiniZRacerDCGTG)! We can be found at google.com/+MiniZRacerDCGTG

This provides a nice way to share, photos and video, calendar, etc.

Be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRezDbEQlNWXPvG65qEclkA) as well!

2014.05.01, 05:47 AM
Whaaaaat? Cool

2014.05.01, 06:12 AM
Be sure to thank nick for the great photos and video clip. :D

2015.08.29, 11:04 AM
just checking in to see if everyone knows of our google+ page, youtube channel and gets this information? i am not big on social media myself thus this stuff is time consuming so want to be sure time spent is targeted for most efficiency. if there is anyone else who is an avid social media connoisseur and interested in assisting in feeding the machine, be sure to let me know.

funny but true.... a couple of our video's posted to youtube have had copyright claims filed because the store radio is on in the background. as far as can tell, there isn't anything i can do about this on my end besides either dubbing the audio or muting the audio. some other notices state ads have been placed in the video due to these claims and yada, yada, blah, blah, blah... just another time suck in trying to share this stuff. :(

2015.09.02, 08:52 PM
Muting the audio would probably be the easiest. A lot of the DCMA takedowns are automated. It's funny that they even taken their own stuff down by mistake.

Mike Keely
2015.09.03, 09:50 PM
What does that mean when you said a copyright claim has been filed?

2015.09.03, 10:37 PM
studios have bots that comb videos searching for hits, in our case, they picked up the store radio in the background as playing some of their artists songs and filed claims for rebroadcasting their content without consent, payment or agreement. turns out this is applicable to any recording done anywhere. meaning you can record yourself walking down the street and happen to catch enough of a song from a passing car, outdoor shop, etc. for a studio to catch and they can file a claim to have you remove the audio, take the video down, let it be and monetize your video for their own gain or worse, sue you in court. seems insane but they have the lawyers and lobbies so have to toe the line.

the actual message from youtube generally states a claim has been filed and offers a few options to resolve which are typically; remove the offending audio, mute the audio, take down the video and in some cases, do nothing and the studio will place ads in your video for their monetary gain. it also helps that i chose not to monetize our content or i'm sure the tone of the messages would be different.

it's been an interesting learning curve to say the least for amateur recording within a public setting... i would never even thought to consider something like that

2016.02.13, 10:54 AM
FYI, the club can be found on F******k now! Excuse the condition, I'm not an advid social media user. Trying to get our club information out as wide as possible.

Mike Keely
2016.12.03, 08:01 AM
Hi Ray, do you still put the videos on the YouTube or Google site? I was looking for them and thought that they may be posted on your social media page.

2016.12.03, 10:04 AM
i put them up on youtube channel and share to google+ and social media. for HFAY, i have to wait for the results to be posted. for the club races, i just need apple icloud to cooperate. the difficulty comes in expecting these things to simply work like they are supposed to.
in my case, i edit the titles for the video's on my phone and have to wait for them to sync to icloud so that i can download them to upload to youtube. much to my frustration, icloud doesn't always sync with my phone making me wait for a long time before the edited video files sync to the cloud. If i try to pull the video off directly via PC, the orientations are all wrong. this whole idea that multiple devices work in the cloud and just work sounds nice but in practice, seldom does. i still do not have the last edited club video's on icloud yet. i've tried everything i could find online to get these things to do what they are supposed to do with little to show for it other than frustration. it's no wonder i don't spend any time on social media, it's a constant time suck and source of frustration.

Mike Keely
2016.12.03, 07:37 PM
Well it is a good thing that you are the one trying to do this. You know so much more about it then me. Sorry that it causes you so much frustration though. We all love to see them. In other words, thanks for working so hard on it for us.

2016.12.03, 08:59 PM
some times it works flawlessly. others tempt my paptience :rolleyes:

Mike Keely
2017.02.19, 09:25 AM
As always thanks for posting the races.