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2014.05.02, 10:44 AM
Not sure if anyone is still running in the Atlanta Area. We just setup 2 Tracks in Cumming, GA ( GA 400 exit 14) or 85 (mall of GA exit). We can go as large as 20x24. Would love to get some guys running 1 once a month - Beers, Wings, and Racing.


2014.07.03, 03:31 PM
Where exactly are you in both places?

I'm thinking about picking one up and might like to race if we can get enough interest. Could maybe hook a couple people in as well.

2014.07.04, 06:35 AM
Is this in a shop or at someone's personal home location

2016.10.23, 06:10 PM
has anything come up in GA? I might be in GA for work in november.

2016.10.23, 07:36 PM
If you are going to be in the Atlanta East region you will only be about a hundred miles from where Brian and Nate are.

2016.10.24, 06:39 AM
it would be Atlanta area schools for the deaf for 9 days, the georgia school for the deaf for 5 days and georgia academy for the blind for 6 days. the schedule is incredibly tight and won't know for sure till about 11/8. roughly 11/15 thru 12/6.

2016.10.24, 07:42 AM
Is that straight thru time? 11/15 to 12/6? Thanksgiving on the road? Keep me posted on this trip. We might have the opportunity to get together.

2016.10.24, 08:13 AM
currently yes, schedule is tentative at the moment and balance of team is working into it as well and may change. If it's a go, i'll be there for a couple weeks overall and time will be of course scheduled very tightly mon-fri. still a week or so for this all to shake out but wanted to check in to see what options are available and if worth taking transmitter and car with me.

2016.10.24, 09:31 AM
Sounds like a plan. definitely bring at least one car as well as the radio. Don't do like I did and bring the wrong one.

2017.05.22, 06:07 PM
RCP is still up in the basement

Space is large enough for hfay bye events.

8 yr old is showing interest in miniz regularly
He has run 1/10 sct in rookie dirt racing a few times

I threw in the KO module back in my radio
And am getting the cars back in action

2 mro3s
1 mr02
1 f1
1 veteran driver and 2 rookies(8/10yr old)

If interested in running