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2014.05.08, 08:15 PM
So I am going to be in Japan for a week. Any places I should visit while I'm in Tokyo?

2014.05.08, 08:58 PM
Have fun! Hopefully someone can answer your question.

2014.05.09, 01:15 AM
ah japan... the home and birthplace of mini-z... try to read up on my link below "my kyosho mini-z experience - tokyo, japan" ... :D

akihabara is the place you want to go to for electronics and hobby shops... omotesando for high end stuff... i'm not too sure if they still have a kyosho shop there (omotesando hills)... i've read that they opened a kyosho akihabara shop in akihabara...

aksakusa for nice traditional temples and sights... they did have a track there when i visited way back... tsukiji for the fish market - prepared to wake up very early for the fish (tuna) auctions and delicious breakfast along the street for very very fresh food... harajuku, and shinjuku for their modern trendy fashion... shibuya for that wacky pedestrian crossing, and the monument of hachiko the ever faithful dog...

it's pretty easy going around... wish i could go back... maybe someday... have fun!

when are you going?

2014.05.09, 02:58 PM
Beginning of June. It's for work, hoping I'll have some free time to explore.

2014.05.10, 12:00 AM
happy trip... and hope you find time to read the thread in my signature... it's been quite a while, so there might be some changes... :D

2014.05.10, 08:56 AM
Couldn't fine Kyosho store in the omotesando mall map....

2014.05.11, 07:20 PM
So I am going to be in Japan for a week. Any places I should visit while I'm in Tokyo?



You will want to go to Akihabara. It's an electronics paradise!

2014.05.11, 07:42 PM
Thanks monkeyZ

2014.05.12, 11:40 AM
maybe the increasing rent of ometasando hills kicked them out? you can try kyosho akihabara i guess... as mentioned my article was done way back in '06 so i guess there may be changes...

2014.05.12, 08:17 PM
Both Kyosho shops were closed in 2010. :( They do have the R246 garage but I think that's at Kyosho headquarters.

2014.05.14, 11:49 PM
hmm... sad to hear kyosho omotesando / akihabara closed down...