View Full Version : Conector on ASF board's give's what voltage?

2014.05.17, 10:58 AM
The conector that people use for ICS or Gyros os Led systems give what voltage?

I am asking that cause i want to DIY a led's lights for my miniz and wire to that conector, and need the cables...

Where can i get conector's for that?
-That conector have a name like the jst or deans?

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-H0eZqflRsas/U2u_Ox6HnnI/AAAAAAAAfb4/ZSG0yz5plnc/s1600/10296457_1420334334899493_4370700405795664084_o.jp g
-WHAT i need exatly is that cable that wires to the gyro or ics on the boards!
Let me know!

2014.05.17, 12:02 PM
I guess you haven't thought to use a transponder harness. Just don't use the PN supplied units. Too fragile. Get one of the I-Lap harnesses. Since they only plug in one way it makes it difficult to do it incorrectly.

2014.05.19, 03:19 PM
If I understand your question you are looking for the connectors to plug into the mini-z board?

They are htese: http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/ZHR-4(P)/455-1202-ND/608643

Where are you from?

2014.05.20, 05:57 AM
Portugal - Europe
http://static-b.lusorc.com/resize/aHR0cHM6Ly9saDUuZ29vZ2xldXNlcmNvbnRlbnQuY29tLy1uZ3 BlWGJjeFFVSS9VZTFRWi1XYlFMSS9BQUFBQUFBQUVFcy9Vb2xu WkJpQjNIay93NTUwLWgzOTAtbm8vQy1lYmF5LTIuanBn.jpg
-I ordered this... for what i searched what i needed is a Jst 4 pin conector...

To wire on this conector:
http://static-b.lusorc.com/resize/aHR0cDovL3N0YXRpYy1iLmx1c29yYy5jb20vcmVzaXplL2FIUj BjRG92TDJreU1EWXVjR2h2ZEc5aWRXTnJaWFF1WTI5dEwyRnNZ blZ0Y3k5aVlqRTRMMlp5YjI1MFpYSmhjM0J2Y25SbWIzSjFiUz lOYVc1cGVpVXlNRTF2Ym5OMFpYSXZORGRmTWpBd09USXdNVEV4 T1RZekxtcHdadz09LmpwZw==.jpg

2014.05.20, 09:45 AM
Dont forget to order the pins to.
Normaly you need a special tool to crimp the wire on the pin, but it is also possible to solder them if you are carefull.