View Full Version : BTE 12, June 2014

2014.05.28, 11:17 AM
Any selections for a track for June BTE 12?

2014.05.28, 05:49 PM
I'll tell you that Joey's house and racing outside is out of the question. We ran on Monday and it was blazing outside. It was a lot of fun setting up the big track but way too hot out to do it in the sun. Track temp reached 160deg with the motor reaching 155deg. Tire temps hit 125deg and chassis was 110-120.

I will say it was a lot of fun just testing. The car ran great and we were able to open up the cars a bit. As usual I do some crazy testing with over sized rear and front down force and actually it does work.

We will need to ask Remnant to host or find an indoor venue.


2014.05.28, 07:08 PM
remnant or railyard, only indoor locations within 2-3 hours from hobby works.

2014.05.30, 09:21 AM
I have the track up for the the BTE # 12 :)


Dusty Weasle
2014.06.22, 11:08 PM
Mini-AZ's results submitted. Fun day. Unfortunately we weren't able to get three working F1s together, so we only ran Stock and Mod.

2014.06.23, 10:10 AM
We just ran Stock class yesterday, I'll try to get the results sent soon!

2014.06.23, 03:42 PM
we have this scheduled for Thursday outside in my driveway, hope the weather holds out for us. :)

2014.06.27, 08:27 AM
Well we got washed and blown out last night. Storms came through right at the time we were to be setting up and running. We ended up with a time trial track in the basement and just ran time trials all night. Still a fun time.

I was finally able to cut 4 seconds off my previous time for the Time Trial Track 2. I've been getting close but just had a few to many mistakes to beat it. my closest time with out beating it was just .06 slower. :eek: But I finally put in the run I needed to beat it. I'll have to get the time uploaded.

Nobody else was able to best their previous times. we also spent some time changing setups and tuning and cleaning cars.

2014.06.27, 11:57 AM
Always a good time anyway!

2014.06.27, 12:30 PM
Always a good time anyway!

100% agree with this.

2014.07.01, 11:44 PM
Poop! Sending in our results via PM Brian!

2014.07.07, 10:04 AM
Poop! Sending in our results via PM Brian!

got them. I'll get them added.

2014.07.07, 10:12 AM
anyone else have times to upload for the BTE?

2014.07.08, 09:43 AM
totally forgot! just uploaded times for Burncity MiniZ :)

2014.07.17, 09:09 PM
Results are up. Our club did great in stock. Time to get F1 and mod going. We were rushed with our new location. should go better for next one.:)

2014.07.17, 10:09 PM
(to my crew) Ok, you guys have to run 80 turns from now on. I know you guys are all on your A-game right now but that's ridiculous.